Friday, August 29, 2008

Flashback Friday!! The Copycat Little Sister!!!

So when I came upon this next picture it made me laugh because that would be me in the middle with the shiny wig on. I was a clown, or trying to be a clown, Alyssa was a clown and since I thought she was the coolest thing since sliced bread I was always trying to do and be like her. I remember that I had originally wanted to be Madonna (when she had brown hair) but when that idea was not panning out I saw that Alyssa was going to be a clown so at the last minute I wanted to be one too. My mom did her best to find me something to wear that would be somewhat clown like, this was back in the day when people didn't spend crazy amounts of money (well we didn't) on Halloween costumes, you just made them out of whatever you had around the house. I guess it took more imagination for those answering the door to figure out what we were :) Anyway I remember wishing I had the cool wig and outfit like Alyssa but was just happy that my older, cooler sisters let me stand with them and their friends for a picture!!!

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LVCecils said...

Look how cute. I'm sad the whole Madonna thing didn't pan out. Just imagine how much fun YOU could have in a cubicle at work with two paper dixie cups and a cell phone!!!! (that ones for Jimmy) He will never live it down, and you have to promise me that when we are 90 something, you will tell that story to either the nursing home we live in or at his funeral. haha. And what do you mean, "used" to not spend money on costumes?!?!? I still don't. It's hand me downs and old costumes of mine for my kids. Can you say white trash mom!