Thursday, February 28, 2008

She loves her brother!

When James was born we were a little worried how Grace would do. She has been the baby for nearly 4 years and it has just been she and I at home during the day. We were pleasantly surprised when she took to him instantly and ever since she has been a great helper. Now don't get me wrong she does get frustrated with me when I can't do what she wants me to when she wants me to but she gets mad at me instead of James. For the most part she loves to hug, kiss and hold her brother, she likes to tell me that "she is the big girl now". We are only 5 weeks in so hopefully things will continue to go well.

High to the Sky!!

Well my Grace has loved building towers since she was very young. She works with many different materials, blocks, cups, forks, chairs, you name it she has used it or tried to anyway. Well the other day she was looking in the pantry and decided that cans would be the perfect thing to build a tower with. She told me she was gonna "build it HIGH TO THE SKY!" I figured it wasn't gonna hurt the cans and it would keep her busy for a little while. She was so proud of her towers that I had to take pictures! Oh and she did this for almost an hour! :)

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

My little Hermione!

Well this week is Nevada Reading week and at Lexi's school they are doing little things each day to celebrate and today is Harry Potter Day. Lexi started telling me last week that she wanted to dress up as Hermione for the day and I, being not so much of a seamstress was trying to think of things we might have around the house. Well we talked about it all weekend and I wasn't sure we were gonna pull it off and then last night after Family Home Evening Alexis and I headed off to Target to see what we could come up with. Target was lacking the desired items except for some knee high gray socks, we went to the close by Mervyn's and we were in luck, not only did they have the remaining items but they were on CLEARANCE!! The last stop was Payless to see about shoes and once again it was our night, they had the perfect pair, the last ones in her size and they were having their BOGO sale, so we grabbed some church shoes for Grace paid for them and headed home. We set everything out for the morning and it was off to bed for the girls. This morning Lexi was up with the sun, she was SOOO excited to dress up as her favorite character. She got dressed, we did her hair and then had a few min before the other two woke up to take some pictures! For me the best part was seeing and feeling her excitement! As a Mom I try hard to spend time with each of my children one on one, and I hope that for her this will also be a lasting memory!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Am I alone?

So I wasn't sure if I should write about this but what the heck. It all happened a few weeks back, one evening when James was about a week old I got a phone call from our friend and also a member of the Bishopric in our ward. He started by thanking me and then released me from my calling in the Young Womens Presidency. I was a little surprised because I had only been in the calling for a year and I loved it! It was lots of time and work, but I loved working with the girls. It was a calling I had wanted for years and years! He continued in saying they were doing some reorganizing and that he had another calling for me but that we would meet in person for that. Then after hanging up the phone I was talking to my hubby about it cause just a few weeks before he had been released from his calling in the Young Men's and they had reorganized all of that. So hear I am thinking "well the two other ladies serving with me had been in the much longer than I so they must be giving them a break." Well Sunday we made sure to get there on time so that we could see how they would revamp the YW and that's when it happend. I was the ONLY one being released, even though the other two had talked about wanting to do something new, I was the one being released. I started to cry and after the sacrament was passed I had to leave. Since I had just had a baby I figured I could use that as my reason if anyone asked. I felt as though I had been kicked out, that something I did or didn't do was the reason they took me out of the calling. I am still very sad to not be working with the Young Women, I know that some might say "Oh well there must be a larger plan and everything works out in the end" and maybe it will, but right now it sure stinks. Am I alone in being this sad about being released? In past callings I was a little sad but always felt it was time for a change but not this time. Anyway life will go on but I just wondered if I am the only one that has felt this way? I love these girls!!!!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Maybe a little picky!!

So maybe I am a little picky and perhaps I have some issues but don't we all? I just can't take it anymore so I must vent. I am no English major by any means but I have a pet peeve with a little word in the English language the word "TOO" not to be mistaken for "TO". It drives me absolutely buggy when it gets forgotten, many people do it and I am sure that it must hurt "TOO's" feelings! I had a teacher that once made it very easy for me to remember to use it, she said that it had an extra 'O' cause it emphasizes having TOO much or TOO little of something. So while this is no sin and you can still get into Heaven without that extra 'O' let's give a little attention to this all TOO often forgotten word! :)

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Holy Crud He is 4 weeks today!

So I can't believe how time flies but somehow it has been 4 weeks since our little man was born!!! So I am trying to be good and take plenty of pics of him so that when he gets older he won't ask why there are so many pics of Alexis and not as many of him!! He is such a good little boy, he sleeps pretty good most nights and he is calm and sweet during the day. He gives me lots of smiles and it melts my heart when he does!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Long Time Coming!

Last night my husband and I were fortunate enough to get to go to John and Marissa's house to welcome their sweet Sarah home from the hospital. For me the best part aside from holding her was taking a picture with Marissa while holding our little babies!!! It was such a great evening, so much excitement and joy! Thanks Marissa for asking us to be there to share it with you guys! And Congrats again and oh HAPPY ANNIVERSARY today!!! :)

Saturday, February 16, 2008


I am so excited and I don't think words will be enough to express just how much!! Today I got the greatest news! One of my very closest friends whom I have known for nearly 17 years had her dream come true today and for me it feels like mine did too! My friend Marissa has been wanting a baby for a very long time and after 8 1/2 years of her and her sweet husband trying, they found out that they will be bringing their new baby girl home this coming week!!!!! I can't wait to see her! We have talked forever about raising our children together and just a year ago she and I sat and cried together over our struggles to have children and now we both have our babies and they are only three weeks apart! This has been a long time coming and all I can do is thank Heavenly Father for sending this little girl to the most AMAZING parents EVER!!!! WELCOME little SARAH MAY!!! :) We have all been waiting sooooo long for you to get here!!!!!! And to Marissa, thanks for being such a great friend to me for what seems to have been forever! And don't kill me for posting the pic from girls camp! :)

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My Sweet Kaytee!

Well many of you may already know that last June two of our very close friends were killed in a car accident. They were sisters Kaytee 23 and Kenzee 8, we have missed them a whole bunch and it has been very difficult. Well in the way that only Kaytee could she reached down from heaven recently and let me know that she loves and misses us too. The day that James was born Kaytee and Kenzee's Mom came to see us in the hospital. She is a dear friend of mine and she said that she had some gifts for the baby. She brought in two bags, the first had some very cute clothes and the second was this amazing hand made blanket with frogs on it, she then told me that when they were cleaning out Kaytee's house after she passed away they found this baby blanket with a note on it that had my name on it. At the time that Kaytee died we hadn't yet told anyone that we were expecting, she knew that we had been trying but no one other than my parents knew and we for sure had not found out it was a boy yet. Kaytee had started the blanket but had not had the time to finish it so Carolee (her mom) finished it for her. This blanket means so much to me, to think that she left something for me to always remember her by is priceless! So to my sweet Kaytee I thank you and love you!! The other day when I got the pictures done I had them include the blanket in one of the shots.

First Pictures!

Well Friday Feb. 12 I took my three children to have their pictures taken. Sine I take so many pictures myself it had been a long time since we had gone to a studio to have them done. So with my Mom's help we made the trek to the mall bought the outfits and set up shop in Kiddie Kandids. The girl that helped us was very nice, but oh my gosh the noises she was making to try and get my two week old sons attention were about to put me over the edge!!! I wanted to tell her that he could care less about the noises she was making but I held my tongue and just let her try anyway. The pics turned out cute and now I can feel like I did my duty as a Mom in getting updated pictures of my kids.