Friday, August 8, 2008

Flashback Friday! Mom

Lately I have come across some old photos and I just love looking at them and realizing how young my Mom was and how fast time flies. I guess as a kid you always think whatever your parents age, they are an adult and usually old. Well in these pictures my mom is in her early thirties, HELLO I am not too far off!!

The one of her reading is perhaps one of my all time favorite pictures of her because my Mom has always loved to read. I think that in Heaven (although she is not allowed to die until after I do :) ) she will have a chair in a room filled with great books! I especially love the calm on her face, no stress, no worries, no kids circling just a young women enjoying some time alone with a book (well except for the one taking the picture). I don't know a lot about the story behind the picture but I love it!

This picture is another that I love, when I was little I loved the swings and some of my fondest memories are of my Mom or Dad doing an "Underdog" it's the word we used to describe my parents pushing us and then running underneath. I loved that feeling in my stomach as the swing flew back and then forward again, I felt like I was flying!

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In this last picture my Mom is holding me and then my two older sisters are standing in front, I am not quite sure who the little blond girl is. This picture made me realize just how much my Mom had her hands full. In this picture I am not yet 1 and Janna (the oldest) was 4 and Alyssa 2, I have Grace who is 4 and James is 6 months she had three that were closer in age than my last two! I know, I know there are many of you out there with kids close in age as well but it just put things into perspective and made me appreciate what she did even more!

Love you Mom!


Brady, Brook, and Ellie said...

Love this flashback, those pictures are great:) I think every child loved the swings, I know that I did.

Liz - Jess said...

I totally agree with you about looking back at old photos. I did a One True Media video for my mom last year from her birth to the present and it was AMAZING to me. The kids just kept coming and coming and coming. They make it look so easy.
You and your sisters really look a lot like your mom. Very beautiful!

Janna said...

Thanks for the Flashback sis!
Love ya

LVCecils said...

how much do you love her hair!!!!