Saturday, August 16, 2008

Swimmers Take Your Mark!!!

Today was a busy day and I will post about all that but let me start with this:

Late this afternoon I was up at my parents house and I was going to go to the gym but was feeling somewhat unmotivated due to the KILLER HEAT, so my mom suggested I go swimming. I decided to take her up on that idea, they were on there way out so I had the entire house and pool to myself AWWWW (choir singing). I can't even think of the last time I was able to go swimming without a child to watch or hold onto, so I felt a bit giddy about the whole thing. I got into the pool, put my goggles on and suddenly I went back in time, I was 10 again. I don't know if it was because I have been watching the Olympics or because I need to get out more but nonetheless the water was calling me. Taking my mark at one end of the pool I dove in and swam as hard as I could to the other end. Coming up out of the water as I touched the wall I knew I had won the race and the crowd was going wild, it was an amazing feeling.

And then reality set in, I was not the winner of a race but a nearly 30 year old women who has not swam competitively in 20 years and the dive into the pool was more like a seal sliding from land to sea on it's belly. I am sure my swim time was closer to hours than seconds, the screaming crowd was probably the brakes from a CAT Bus that runs behind my parents back wall, but does any of that matter? To me it was the best feeling in a long time to just be swimming alone with my thoughts. After several laps I rolled onto my back and stared up at the wispy clouds and listened to my breaths going in and out of my lungs, it was a moment that I wanted to relish in. Swimming a few more laps I reluctantly stepped out of the water and found my towel to begin drying off. I made a promise to myself then and there to make more time for me to be alone, to recharge and feel refreshed. I felt renewed and more capable to be the Wife and Mom, this may seem silly but for me it was an awakening and a lift to my spirit.

When I checked the time I realized that I had been in the pool for nearly an hour, it had not felt that long but boy what a difference.

Back to the events of the day.
I started the day with an early lunch with one of my favorite people, Marissa. It was for her birthday that just passed, we both brought the little ones with us and it was great to have their cute little selves there.
We followed lunch with a stop at Jo Ann's Fabric where we found some lovely things. I was excited to find some fabric to make bedding for James out of and I discovered some fun patterns for a dollar each!
While at Jo Ann's my friend Sara who had been in the area stopped by and assisted me in my quest to become more sowing literate.
Both Marissa and Sara are much more fantastic with a sowing machine than I, so why not learn from there expertise !

We all left Jo Ann's and headed in three different directions, mine was home. The rough patch of the day was hearing a message on the machine from the women who had wanted to rent the Condo saying she was no longer able to. We were disappointed by this news but we know that the Lord will somehow allow it to all work out as it should. I then spent a little while talking with the kids and Jimmy and then headed to my parents to Wax my mom and have an Olympic Day Dream!

Adam had to be resuscitated 3 times the first day in the hospital but they now have him in an induced coma to keep him stable and make it easier for them to run tests. I had said that he was in a motorcycle accident but there was much confusion when it first occurred, so the correction is that he was on his bicycle going down a hill and his girl friend was behind him when all of a sudden his bike came to a stop and threw him over the handlebars causing him to hit his head over and over again as he fell. They have said that he will be in the hospital for sometime and they will not know about any long term problems until he wakes up. Things are still very fragile and we are just praying that he will make a full recovery. For anyone that knows him there is a website set up so you can leave messages for him and the family. Once you get to the website type in Adambullough1.

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Liz - Jess said...

What a horrible thing for him to experience and have to recover from. I will continue praying for him.

So jealous of the swim you had alone! I love to swim, but not with the kids.

What a bummer about your condo!! I hope you can find someone else soon. :-(