Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Have I said how much I Hate MOVING!

So I have officially decided that if there is anything that I despise it would have to be moving!!! Not moving my arms or feet or moving my head but moving as in packing up everything that has been acquired by 5 people in 4 years.  OK so not all 5 have been around that long, but I swear James is trying to make up for lost time, man babies have a lot of stuff.  The last several days have been long and tiring and while I have began to see the light at the end of this tunnel, it is more like a night light sized light.  I should have everything out by tomorrow or I mean today cause it is really early on Tuesday.  Once a very wise women said "When I move I am taking my husband and my purse, and leaving the rest"  I would amend it to say perhaps a few of my purses and these really cute red shoes that I have.   

Friday, September 26, 2008

Flashback Friday! This One's for you Annie!!

So this is gonna be a quick one cause I am supposed to be packing. This is a shout out to Annie cause I had posted a picture last week with her brother Matt and I, and I sensed she was a little jealous so I decided to pull out a little diddy I had of her! She is the cute little blond in the middle next to me in my famous purple leotard! Love ya girl and so glad you are home and healthy!

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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Don't Judge Me

Now before you place judgment about this issue I have a strong feeling that most of you have been in my shoes or will be someday. I will also make the reach and say that most of you have thought about doing something or have already done something along the same lines so with that said you may now judge. Just check your "Perfect Parent Card" at the door first!!!

I love all of my children equally but they each have their individual challenges and for Grace that has been the struggle to get her to bed (ok so there are a few others she has but for the sake of this post just pretend she doesn't). Ever since she stopped taking naps it became more and more difficult to keep her to a bedtime routine, she would often fall asleep in the car on the way to get Lexi from school and then when it came for bed time she simply was not tired. It has been a struggle for some time but in the last 6 months or so it has gotten worse. Here is a run down of her schedule

9:00 AM- Drag Grace out of bed to get Lexi to school

9:00 - 10:00- Angry that I woke her up

12:00 - Lunch Time

3:00 PM- Leave to pick Lexi up from school, Grace falls asleep.

3:40 PM- Get home and carry her into the house feeling torn, do I wake her or let her get sleep that she soo desperately needs!!?? I usually went with the latter

6:00PM - Dinner

7:45PM - Family prayer and helping girls get ready for bed.

9:00 PM - Lexi is totally asleep but still taking Grace back to bed after her 1000th time getting out of bed.

11:00 PM - Lexi has been awaken by Grace several times while playing in her room and turning the lights on and off while I continue to wait up for her to go to sleep.

1:00 AM - Everyone but Grace and myself in bed asleep. I finally bring her out in the living room with me and sit her on my lap until she falls asleep and then I carry her to bed.

There were some nights that I gave up and went to bed and that is when she would do things like cut her hair or Lexi's or color on the walls and doors or make messes with water. It just got to the point where we were all being sleep deprived because of her wacky sleep cycle. It wasn't fair to the sister that shares a room with her, it wasn't fair to us parents who already sleep with one eye open (OK so that is just me but still) and most importantly it was not fair to Grace who was having such a hard time. It came time for some serious action so after some serious prayer and then research on the Internet and a recalled memory we made the decision to purchase a bottle of Melatonin 1. I had once babysat for a girl who had been put on the same thing to help her fall asleep because she was having a hard time going to sleep and after looking into it, it just seemed like it was worth a try.

Three weeks ago we began giving her one before bed time and the first night it was a miracle! She fell asleep in less than 20 min and slept the entire night waking at 8 AM rested and happy. She even told me that she felt happy! Ever since we have been giving her melatonin it has made a huge difference in our lives and hers, she is still Grace don't get it twisted, but she is so much better. There isn't a fight for her to take it, in fact I think she likes the one on one time with me or Jimmy every night when it comes for her to have it.

There had been times over the years where I had thought about giving her allergy medicine or I was almost a little happy when she would get a cold so that I could give her some of the night time medicine but I never felt like that was something I could give her in good conscious when she wasn't sick.

This has truly saved us and her, our home is more peaceful and Jimmy and I now have our evenings back to be with each other.

(Oh and before you give me advice on something we should have tried before this, save it cause we did and have and it didn't. i.e Bedtime technique, baths, running her around the block, reading books, singing songs, playing music etc. etc. etc.)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Story of James

Well my sweet James is 8 months old today. What a quick 8 months, time is just flying by. As he and I were relishing in our morning ritual of cuddles, kisses and laughs I began reflecting on how it is that this little boy came to capture our hearts.

For some reason I have always been able to know my children before I have them or in some cases before I am even pregnant with them. I will never forget the first time I knew I was going to have a son, Grace was just a few months old and I had been called as the Secretary in the Primary Presidency in our new ward. One Sunday as I was sitting at the back of the room listening to the children sing, I looked up from my rolls just as the picture of a father and son walking down the street holding hands and the little boy was wearing a superman cape (a picture I had seen many times before) was held up as an aide for the words in the song. My eyes teared and chills went up my spine and down my arms, I knew in that instant that I had a little boy waiting. Now I think some of my tears came from the fact that I had just had a baby 4 months before and in no way was I prepared to work on another so soon. I put it to the back of my mind but over the next 18 months or so I had several times where I was reminded of this little boy waiting to come to our family.

Just before Grace was going to turn 2 we decided that we would try for the next, well I could never have guessed that things would go the way they did. After 9 plus months of trying we were so excited to discover I was pregnant but within just days of the positive test and about 7 weeks along the pregnancy ended in a miscarriage. It was hard and I was sad and confused but within a short time I was expecting again and then another miscarriage. This was an extreme low point for me because I didn't know if I would get my boy, my little boy that I had been thinking about for so long. After tests and tears and waiting some more we finally became pregnant shortly after Grace's 3rd birthday and our little boy found my arms in January of this year.

During my pregnancy with James I had many feelings of what he would be like, I only mentioned the feelings to my husband and a few close friends that wouldn't think I was totally nuts. I would often describe him as being like "Charlie" from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, or "James" from James and the Giant Peach.

Quiet, sweet and gentle, then I saw the movie August Rush and it was like my son was there in front of me on the screen. I couldn't explain how I felt what I felt but I wouldn't deny it either, his spirit felt so close to me and I was so excited to have him here with me.

James was born at 4:21 AM and he was perfectly healthy at first and then when he was just hours old he started having episodes of not breathing. After several times he was admitted to the NICU, it was heartbreaking, I finally had my son and now he was hooked up to wires and hoses. He spent the next few days there and after tests and observation they allowed us to take him home. It turned out that he had just ingested so much gunk during delivery that his little body just couldn't handle it.

He is healthy and strong now and such a blessing in my life, he truly is the sweet, gentle spirit that I felt all that time. I love my little boy!

Interesting side note* The same boy played Charlie and August.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Few Missing Details!

We have had a busy few months and there were many fun things we did that just didn't make it to the blog. While I don't have time to blog about each by itself they did deserve an honorable mention! We had several visits from friends and family, a few weddings, trips to Mt. Charleston, baby blessings, ward parties and just silly days at home.

* My friend Mesa came to Vegas and I was able to go to dinner with her and Brittany.
girls night out!!

*My sister Emily got a new dog, Piper and the girls love her.
*Grace & Lexi used their towels to play like they were royalty and got James in on the fun too.
*My amazing friend Emylee got married and we are so excited for them!
*Jimmy & I were in charge of our Ward party, we had a BBQ at Mt. Charleston
*Baby blessing for Kaylee May
*Grace fell asleep after getting in trouble and looked like a caterpillar.
*Jimmy showed the girls his skills with a hula hoop!!
*Lexi & Carson showed me what vampires look like

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Sunday, September 21, 2008

O Frabjous Day! Callooh! Callay!

This weekend was filled to the brim with good things! A quick run down.

Friday- I went to TOFW (Time Out For Women) with my sweet friend Heather and her family. My Mom and 2nd Mother Pam were also there and I was able to sit through one of the classes. We heard from some great people Sheri Dew, Tom Smith, Virgina H. Pierce and a few others. That evening was a concert with Hilary Weeks. I didn't stay the entire concert because being an old person I was tired.
Saturday- Started very rough because I was supposed to be at the Temple for a very important day. Sarah May was being Sealed to two of my favorite people, Marissa & John, but when my alarm was accidentally shut off I woke up late and missed it. I was heartbroken but since I was taking pictures after wards I made it just in time to do so. It was an honor to be there even just for the pictures and the breakfast after. I love you Marissa, John and Sarah, Congrats to your sweet family!

After the rough beginning the rest of the day was actually wonderful, after finishing breakfast with the the newly sealed family I went home to my family and we spent the afternoon working on the condo. There were little repairs that needed to be done and then we all went to Subway as a family, I love little things like that, just being with each other. That night we picked Jimmy's sister Sara up from the hotel she was staying at and she came over to hang out. We rented movies and just chatted for several hours. It was fun to see her and she was sooo sweet with the kids, Grace was so excited to have her Aunt play with her.

Sunday- We got up and ready and headed to Baby Sarah's blessing, it was wonderful to be there. After church we went to Marissa and Johns for lunch, which was awesome!! The kids all played and the adults talked and watched the football game GO BRONCOS!!!

We left their house and headed to my parents house to see my sister Janna and nephew Ethan before they headed back to Arizona. I love my sisters, we are all spread out but it feels great when we can be together.
Then we came home and did some more odds and ends around the house. Jimmy was really great to help me so much, he did all the little projects this weekend that I had not been able to get to.

*Fix-it List*
One leaky pipe-CHECK

One broken Towel Rack- CHECK
Paint over Red Marker- CHECK

Paint Girls Closet Doors- CHECK
Fix Broken Drawer Front- CHECK
GO HUSBAND!!! Love You!

Late Flashback Friday!!
This is a picture of Janna, Alyssa & Me
I had just had the Chicken Pox when this was taken, you can still see the little marks on my face. I love old pictures!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

First Attempt, now I'm ADDICTED!!

Well after some encouragement from two great friends, Sara & Marissa, I decided to make James' crib bedding. Yes, I know he is 7 months but I had yet to buy any for the fact that I couldn't really find one that I loved and they are all so expensive! The girls helped me pick out some fabric after giving them an idea of what I wanted, then some late nights at Sara's it was done!!! It is sooo exciting because I have always considered myself a sewing reject, then with the left over material and a boost in confidence and more help from Marissa & Sara I made an apron!

I am now officially ADDICTED!! I love finding fabrics and looking at sewing machines online, Jo Ann's has also been added to the list of stores that I have to stay away from so as not to spend millions! All I have to say is, for those of you out there that feel intimidated by the whole thing, take it from me, find a friend or make a friend that sews and ask for help and in no time you will be a "Sewing Queen"!!!!!

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Monday, September 15, 2008


As I am deep in the process of packing up our belongings for the impending move I have found myself with much more emotion than expected. When we first moved into the condo 4 years ago, we knew that it would be temporary. We didn't know how long temporary would be, so I guess I wasn't sure how attached I would become to this place. Then in a very short period of time it became clear that our time in the condo was coming to an end and I found myself looking at each detail of our surroundings with the want to memorize our lives as they are now. I remember back to when we first moved in and Grace was just a few months old, she had all of her firsts in this home, first teeth, first steps, first birthday. Alexis had just begun Kindergarten and Jimmy & I had been married just over a year. James was thought of, decided on, prayed for and brought home from the hospital here.

There have been so many big changes in our lives and family while residing within these walls, I can't help but be connected to every square foot. It is our Home, it is where we have loved and laughed and lived. We move on, knowing that we no longer fit very well and that this change was expected to happen at some point in time, our family is growing and there are adventures ahead. There will be more houses in our future and I have no question that each of them will become our Home. I know that if these walls could talk they would have one amazing story to tell. I am grateful for the blessings that have come into our lives while here and for the friends that have been made.

Where is your Home? Who is your Home?

I have learned that it is not a matter of the size, location or furnishings that make a Home but by the people within.

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These are a few of the places in our home that I want to remember and three of the reasons why.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Flashback Friday! Boobie Crap!!!

This time I am only flashing back a few days because I need to document one of the silly things that Grace has done this week.
Monday evening we were preparing for FHE, I was making the treats and Lexi was working on the lesson when Grace went to work on her masterpiece. She started by drawing it out on a piece of paper, she feverishly drew out her plans and then brought me the paper for approval. I gave my motherly response anytime she hands me her art work "Good job, nice one!" she just kind of looked at me strangely and said "Is it perfect?" I said yes and before I could blink she was off to the next part of her plan. Grace then located a large ball of pink string and began stringing it from a door knob to James toy, to another door knob, to the washer and dryer, to yet another door knob until there was a web of pink string down the hallway. Then she very proudly came to me and said "See look Mom, it's done, I made my "BOOBIE CRAP!" I worked overtime not to laugh and turned around to inspect all her hard work, I asked her why she decided to make the "boobie crap" and this was her response "I made the boobie crap to catch the boogie man, it will stop him, shh be very quiet so he won't hear us."

At this point it all became very clear, she had in fact made a Boobie Trap to catch the boogie man that Daddy had so "sweetly" told her about. The drawing was a scetch of the "boobie crap" so she would know exactly where to place the string. I was quite impressed with her thought process, I wish I would have taken a picture of the "Boobie Crap" but it was destroyed when Daddy opened the door to our bedroom to come out and the string fell causing it to colapse. I am thinking about having her make another just so I can get a picture of her work! I love my Grace, she has such a great imagination and I love that she wanted to protect us from the boogie man by building a "Boobie Crap".

Life would be too boring without her!!

And just for fun here is a little Flashback Photo!

This is Matt Hammons & Me when we lived in Colorado!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Will You Forget?

Will you forget where you were when you first heard or saw what was happening on September 11 2001? I will not forget, I remember it as if it were yesterday, my Aunt Annetta called my Mom early in the morning (they were an hour ahead) to tell us to turn on the television. We sat there watching as they showed over and over the first plane hitting the first tower, and then watching as it happened the second plane flying into the second tower. I remember the moment that they began to realize it was not an accident, but an intentional act. I was shocked, stunned, sad, angry all the emotions that I know thousands of others were feeling at the same time. I remember I had to go to work and the drive over there I turned on the radio so I wouldn't miss any new information that was being released, the streets were empty and quiet. When I got to work, it was the same way, people had cancelled their appointments so after just a little while I went home. I remember spending the entire day just watching the T.V with my Mom. It felt unreal, how could someone HATE so much to do that, to kill innocent men, women, children in such a cowardly way? I won't ever forget the images in the papers and on the news.

I also remember how we all became AMERICANS, not anything but. We were kinder and more considerate to each other. There was a sense of Pride that vibrated from every flag flown, every Anthem sung. People stood anytime a Firefighter, Police Officer or member of our Military would enter a room, the strength we had as a nation was palpable. I felt more connected to my neighbors, my family and my Heavenly Father. I remember the way things felt for the weeks and months that followed and hoped that it wouldn't end.

The question is have we become lax again? Have we begun to act as if September 11th is no longer September 11th? Do we, do I, show the same respect to my country that I did after that awful day? Let's not forget the 2,999 lives that were lost or the families that were torn apart, say a prayer on their behalf or send a kind thought. Let us remember them!

Where were you?

These were taken at the Sept. 11 Memorial that they put up in Las Vegas. These were actually taken 2 years ago since we were not able to go last year. They put a flag up for EVERY person that lost their lives that day.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Elephant, What Elephant?

Maybe I have just become accustom to peoples natural curiosities and so it doesn't occur to me that there are people out there who do not know the story of our family but before I get to the "Elephant" that has apparently been living in our lives for many years now, I will flashback a bit.

When my brother was um I dunno maybe 7, 8 something like that, he was in school. Anyhow he had been struggling with some things in class and one night as my sweet mother was tucking him into bed he says "Mom, how come Marylin & Janna are smart and are from Dad's side of the family and me & Alyssa are from your side of the family and we are, well, you know?" I am not quite sure how my mother responded to that question at the time but as a family we have laughed about it for years. In fact my brother has gone down in history with many a one liners but I will save him the embarrassment and refrain, for today. :)

That story came to mind when this past Sunday Alexis was faced with yet again the inquiry of "So where do you get all your hair?". When Lexi was very little people thought they were "smart" and would ask her when I wasn't around, "So who do you look like?" or "Where is your Daddy?" or "Where did your brown eyes come from?" and she would later tell me about it.

Over the years we have just gotten used to it and don't pay much attention to all of it. Although there have been moments where I have felt like saying "None of your darn business!" but I usually just hold my tongue and act as if they are asking a rhetorical question and smile.

On to the Elephant, for those that have been on the edge of their seats dying to know (I seriously doubt there are too many of those) but just in case. Previous to being married to Jimmy I was legally obligated to someone, he was the sperm donor to Alexis. She was 10 days old when we separated so she has no memory of co-habitation with said "Sperm Donor". Lexi was just 3 when Jimmy and I began dating and not quite 4 when we were married, she was sealed to us two years later (along with Grace), and then Jimmy's adoption of Alexis was final in Jan of 2007.

I honestly do understand why people look at her and maybe wonder, but because Jimmy and I just look at her as our daughter we don't give it a second thought. In fact Alexis thought that her DNA had changed with the adoption, she was heartbroken when she found out that she was still in fact Spanish. Poor thing, if only it worked that way.

I have often told my girls when they are acting silly that they are "Nuts", well a few years back Lexi said "Mom, I get my nuts from Dad huh?" I just laughed and said "Yes, honey you do get your craziness from Dad." Perhaps she gets her "one liners" from her Uncle Jack!!!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Update On Adam!

I have been meaning to post about my cousin Adam who was critically injured while riding his bicycle. While he remains in a coma there have been many miracles on his behalf, on August 27th Adam suffered a huge setback and things were not looking good. His lungs were giving out and his body weak, the family held a fast and the next day they met with a medical team to discuss what should be done. My Mom and many others flew to California to be with them during this meeting, as they met with the team one of the lead doctors said that they should continue to fight with Adam. A miracle took place and our sweet Adam has made tremendous progress in the weeks since, he is slowly coming out of his coma and has even opened his eyes a bit. We know this to be Heaven sent and that Adam's life has been saved only by the grace of a loving Heavenly Father. He still has a long road ahead but we continue to hope for a full recovery in the months to come.

These are pictures that were taken within the last few days, one is Adam with his Mom (my cousin). The one of him with his eyes slightly opened, we were told that his entire body shook in his attempt to open his eyes. We love you Adam!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

And "They" Charge us an Arm & a Leg Because "They" Can!!

In the Land of Marylin the mind often thinks very random and uncontrollable thoughts. They are issues that there are never any real answers to, but they still occupy space none the less. So because you chose to read my blog today you get to think about them also!! Heee heee

Have you ever wondered why the heck a small piece of plastic with an even smaller razor attached to it costs 11.99 because it is named after a planet? Or how about a wad of cotton twisted and placed in a hollow piece of plastic or cardboard at a whopping 5.29 for 20!! Let the list continue!
Deodorant- 3.29 (or 9.99 for the Clinical stuff)
Toothpaste- 6.29 (for those of us with sensitive teeth)

Body Wash- 7.99 (so it has some swirls or pearls in it)
Contact Solution- 8.99 (for "lasting comfort")
Dental Floss- 4.29 (the stuff that "glides" well)
Sonicare Toothbrush- 111.19 and UP (Cause 3 out of 4 Dentists recommend it)
Toilet Paper- 12.99 for 12 rolls (if you don't want to use the stuff that feels like leaves!)

Body Lotion- 6.99 for 21 oz. (original scent with no reduction in cellulite or tanning capabilities)

Need I say more?! There are thousands of products out there that will cost you "an Arm & a Leg" and all because "they" the companies that produce them know that "We" the consumers NEED them. I didn't even bother to list any of the baby products out there that kill the family budget.

Yes, I know that you can save by purchasing generic, or buying in bulk or making your own (although no matter what anyone says I am NOT making my own toilet paper or toothbrush) but it is STUPID that the reason they are expensive is because "they" know "they" can and their isn't much "we" can do about it! So annoying!! OK so now that I have vented about that issue I won't have to think about it until the next trip to the grocery store!!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

To Spongebob or Not to Spongebob!

Let's discuss something not too important and yet relevant at the same time, Spongebob! I can actually feel myself getting dumber while typing this but alas I must continue . There are many of you that will choose side A and a few brave that will choose B so lets begin.

Side A) The mere thought of your child watching even a moment of Spongebob is too much to bare, you prefer all that is educational and inspirational. The language or lack there of is not desired to take space in the brain of your little ones, you see it as black and white, no ifs ands or butts about it. Spongebob was obviously created by a man or men whom are single and living in their 89 year old mothers house and were tormented as a child thus causing severe brain damage which led to the creation of Spongebob!

Side B) Spongebob is hilarious, silly and brings a smile to your face just thinking about him. You not only allow your child/children to watch but you often find yourself joining in the viewing of all that is yellow and square. The house is filled with silly words and sounds as a result of the jolly little guy and his posse, your children make crabby patties with there play kitchens and then serve then to their customers! Perhaps you have thought the names Patrick & Bob have a nice ring to them and might work for a child or pet. You own a Spongebob t-shirt or pajama pants and wear them when dropping kids off at school in the morning, hey they are comfy, right!

Spoiler Alert!

Side C) Spongebob is just a show, nothing more, nothing less, you don't mind the ocasional viewing by the young ins in the house, but there aren't marathons either. You feel there is nothing wrong with a little "Dumb time" and if it allows you a few minutes to cook dinner or to take a shower before your husband gets home, then so be it. There won't be any long term damage done by a bit of the modern day "Thunder Cats".

So let's hear it, what side are you? Maybe a mixture of two or solid in your stance? Let's conjure up a little debate. No wrong or right just different tastes and personalities!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Location

While I would love to disclose the location of where we took our family pictures and the ones of my sister I hesitate a little because then this perfect secret place might lose it's quiet charm. I will say that it is not too far from Vegas and that I am more than happy to take people out there to do family pictures or anything like that, I just might have to blind fold you :) hee hee.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A Couple More!

Here are just a couple more pics from yesterday. Just me and The Man!!

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Today was soooo fun! We finally got updated family pictures, we went with our AMAZING friends the Cecils and did a swap, I took theirs and Sara took ours! It worked out wonderful, it was a great little spot and while it was plenty warm it wasn't as hot as it could have been! We only got a few frames but they turned out great and I am super excited to have some that we can put up around the house! Thanks sooo much Sara for your assistance! Love you guys!

**Oh and I posted some pictures from the shoot I did with my sister on my Photography Blog! Check them out!