Thursday, August 21, 2008


So as many of you know I have a thing with looking through old pictures and once again I was going through some (you see I am working on getting them scanned into my computer) and came across several that made me laugh and also wonder how the heck Emily made it to her teen years!!! My sister Emily is 12 years younger than me and when she was little I would dress her up and take pictures. I was also guilty of taking a large metal bowl that mom had, placing a pillow in it and then Emily on top of the pillow and spinning it around and around. Poor thing, it really is a wonder how she is still a functioning person because we thought of all sorts of ways to torture her, it was like having a human pet!! I don't know if we took the pictures documenting it to show her later as an intimidation tactic or if my mom took them to have evidence against us older kids in the chance something went wrong!! In any case, now that Em is nearly 18 (which makes me feel old) I feel a little sorry for her that she had to endure being not only the youngest but youngest by far, but only a little, mostly it still gives me a good laugh to look at all we did to her!! :)
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These pictures are just the tip of the ice berg, poor little Em. If you notice in the picture of her wrapped up and still standing we are all surrounding her with weapons, the one to the left has a pretend shot gun, that is me behind her and then that is Lys, I believe, to the right. I put a box on her head and then took the picture. That would be Alyssa pinning her against the cabinet and then the bottom right picture is of me and Lys holding a Lemonade stand using the little kids as picketers to draw attention, I think we may have paid them a WHOLE DOLLAR!! :)

And yet she loves me anyway!

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Brady, Brook, and Ellie said...

Love the pics, Kellie and I were the younger so we got it and then we got even teasing our nephew instead!