Tuesday, August 12, 2008

With You by My Side!

With you by my side I can do anything.
With you by my side I feel strong.
With you by my side I am safe.
With you by my side I don't fear the road ahead.
With you by my side I will have all I need.

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As I had posted earlier we have many changes that are on the horizon for our family. I have struggled in moments when I begin to think about who I will miss and what we will be leaving. I know that this is what we are supposed to do but it doesn't mean that it will be easy, and yet as Jimmy and I were talking about our plans in the upcoming weeks I looked into his grey/green eyes and knew that at his side everything would be Ok.

I was once a very independent type, I had my own place, paid my own bills, came and went as I wanted with no one to discuss it all with. I was raising a little girl as a divorced Mom and thinking that it could very well be that way for sometime and I was OK with it. Then July 14th 2002 came and my whole life changed, it was the day that Jimmy called me after a few years without contact. I knew he was going to be my helpmate, my partner. I wasn't going to have to walk this road alone, he would be there to lift me on the bad days and I for him.

There are many uncertainties on how this will all unfold and yet I am not afraid, not with him as my husband, not with him as my best friend. Yes, there are things that will be so hard to leave that I may cry the entire drive out of Las Vegas, but with Jimmy there to wipe my tears I know that as long as I have him I have "Home" with me.

So far all we know is:
We will be moving to Colorado,
Jimmy will be going back to school
We have someone who will rent our Condo

What we don't know today:
When we are leaving
Where Jimmy will work
If the kids and I will go first
lots of other small details


Viva Las Floyds said...

Girl...I just might beat you when I see you!

Rob and Michelle said...

Wow. That was fast. :( I'm gonna miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jamie and Kiley said...

Congrats! What a great adventure you are about to go through! Good luck! It is so true that at least you have each other!

Heather & Greg said...

How exciting! We would love to leave this town but I feel as you do. It would be sad all in the same sense to think of everyone you would miss. We definently need to keep in touch, I have enjoyed getting to know you! Best of luck to you on your new journey!!!

Hill Family said...

I'm really happy for your family! It'll be a great new experience- I'm sure! :)

Tom & Rachel said...

Yeah, Colorado! Good choice! You'll love it here. Change is definitely hard, but so exciting don't you think? I agree that as long as you have your little family you can go anywhere and be happy! Congrats on the quick decision!

Liz - Jess said...

You are a brave one, but yes, I know what you mean about your husband. There is just something about mine that lets me know we would be okay anywhere. Congratulations though, I think it sounds like it will be a great thing!! And all of us bloggers will still be here.

LVCecils said...

I'm so sad but excited for you too! (great picture of jimmy BTW) You know I'll try to follow about a year behind ya!!

The Bush Family said...

wow! I guess we have been out of touch for longer than I thought! Congrats on the move! Yay for new adventures!!!! Miss you woman! Love ya!!!

Steph said...

Wow! I'm excited for you guys! Let me know what I can do to help when it comes to packing time. We'd love to have Alexis over :) Oh my gosh, what if Zack and Alexis are going to do what you and Jimmy did??!! That would be so cool. I guess only time will tell...