Monday, October 27, 2008

Little Piggy, Silly Face, Aprons & It's Coming!

So we have been busy as usual, but this past weekend I shared some fun time with each of my little munchkins!
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James was enjoying his mashed potatoes like none since that of Randy Parker (A Christmas Story), he even made the little grunting noises!

Grace is my silly little girl, she loves to make faces in pictures so I let her change it up while I snapped away, and then at the end she said "And one pretty one, k Mom." Love that Grace!

Lexi had a friend over on Sat. and we decided to make some aprons, Lexi was my model for this one that we made. It was a fun day and I am very blessed.

Now stay tuned the next post I make will be 150 and as promised there is a SURPRISE coming!! Love to you all

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Halloweens Past

I came upon the pictures from previous Halloweens and it made me want to kiss those little girls faces! I just love them, and that's all!

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Friday, October 24, 2008

Flashback Friday! Soooooo Jimmy!

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While in Colorado with the kids, my Mother In-Law and I were going through some of Jimmy's baby stuff and came upon these two pictures and the instant I saw them I just loved them, so when she offered to let me take them I was thrilled! These pictures are soooo my husband, they seem to capture him so well in his element.

For those of you that have not been able to spend some good time with Jimmy let me give you just a bit of what he is like. The top picture of him looking off yonder and holding the guitar is him in moments when he goes inside himself and is quiet and reserved. The other photo of him and his younger brother is the Jimmy I see most often, he is the biggest tease you will ever meet, my guess is that he was teasing his little brother, thus the look of irritation on Danny's face and the look of pure delight on Jimmy's! Jimmy has the BEST laugh, it makes me giggle just thinking about it! I don't know who took these pictures but I am so glad they did because it is proof to me that Jimmy is Jimmy through and through and has been always!! Love you Honey!

Who's This Big Kid? And What Happened to My Baby?

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So today my baby boy is 9 months old!! Here are just some of the things he is doing at this fun age.

*He has 6 teeth (with more on the way)
*He is crawling like a maniac on all fours
*He pulls himself up on just about everything
*Today I caught him climbing half way up the stairs
*He is great at waving and is working on clapping!!
*He is a bottomless pit, he loves Teddy Grahams, cheerios, apples, bananas, bread, pizza, ice cream, Ritz Crackers, green beans, potatoes, and just about anything that he sees us eating! (He prefers not to eat baby food)
*Speaking of Eating he tried using a spoon today!

*He LOVES his Daddy!

*He Loves to laugh at Lexi and her silly dancing!
*He Loves when Grace shares her toys with him!
*He is a Great Growler, he sounds like a little monster!
*Water is his Favorite drink, well right after Mommy milk (he prefers a sippy cup).

*He gives sweet hugs and rests his head on my shoulder
*He like to kiss himself in the mirror.

I have to make sure that I keep track of all this stuff, he is growing so fast and I just want to remember it all. James is the sweetest boy, he is very calm and easy going. He loves other people and will give up his toothy smile for just about anyone, but he tends to look at Mom for approval first. I love being his Mom, it is more wonderful than I could have imagined. The little fits have started already, he will cry a little to try and get his way, i.e his sisters toys, or something he isn't allowed to play with. His favorite game right now is to crawl across the living room and pull himself up on the T.V stand, all the while I stand back calling his name and then I run over and pick him up real quick causing this burst of laughter to spill out, he will do it over and over again. He is also getting great at playing catch, he and I will sit on the floor together and I will roll a tennis ball to him, he picks it up and then throws it back to me. It is very fun to watch him figure things out and learn new skills! There are moments when I want him to just stay a baby forever, I love holding him and kissing his cheeks until he pushes me away! Aww I love my boy!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

60 MinutesThat Will Last a Life Time

On our way home to Vegas the kids and I made a stop in Grand Junction, Colorado to see Jimmy's Grandparents and the kids Great Granny & Grandpa. It was wonderful to smell homemade Chicken Noodle Soup as we walked into the house and to see the excitement in their eyes as their sights paused on each child. The girls ate to their hearts content and then made their way to the backyard enabling their legs to stretch. Granny and Grandpa stayed inside with James and I so they could each take turns doting over him. He loved them equally in return, just sitting contently on their laps smiling. We headed on our way after just an hour but promised to come back soon and stay longer. As we headed back to the Highway the girls recounted all that had occurred in the hour, Grace laughed as she thought of Grandpa spinning her on the stool and Lexi reminded me how many bowls of soup she had and the cookies that followed! Hearing them made me think of the trips I made as a child to my Grandparents homes, the smells, sounds and hugs. I knew in that moment that this short visit would last much longer in their minds. Thank you Granny & Grandpa for allowing us to linger if only but for a little while in your home, we love you!

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(My two older sisters and I with my Grandma, no I don't remember this visit but many others)
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Sunday, October 19, 2008

"The Rain in Spain Stays Mainly in the Plains"

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So I have finished it! For weeks now I have been wanting to make an apron inspired by the movie "My Fair Lady", if you have seen the movie then it should ring a bell if not, I don't know what to tell ya! I have loved that movie for a very long time and Audrey Hepburn, so I was very excited to see if I was up to the challenge. Well, I began working on it a few days ago and then last night with the wee ones in bed I was able to complete it! Now it is not to the perfection that I had hoped, but I think I did pretty good for it being only my 3rd apron EVER!!

(For those of you who have not seen the movie, due to age, gender, lack of culture or bad eye sight, here is a picture of the actual dress.)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

My Nature Walk in Divinity

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The first few days of our visit we were surrounded by the scenes of Fall and the itch took over and I had to go out and explore. Despite the cold temperatures that had settled in I snapped shots until my battery lost it's strength. There is something about the colors of Fall that speak to my soul, they whisper of the Divine Hand that created our world.

Colorado Part 1! The reason behind the journey... Sci-Fi & A Crush!!

Well as previously mentioned I made a trip to Colorado to provide the safe journey for two of the three cats that have called our house, home.
and Eowyn
(yes we have a thing with naming our pets after movie characters i.e Harry Potter & Lord of the Rings) did as well as could be expected from two cats stuck in a cage for a two day drive. Lexi was sad to see her cat (Hermione) go but was glad it was not to the pound, Jimmy said he was missing his cat Eowyn mere moments after we left, I am just gonna pretend that came after his missing of his wife and three children. He was able to keep his cat Whisper here at my parents so that helps a bit.
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(Above photos Hermione top two photos and Eowyn & Whisper in lower photos)

Now as to my husbands affection for all things Feline it began when he was just a little boy. Jimmy acquired his first cat when he was around 4 and I suspect that since his mom was a single, working mother of two, he was extremely bonded to his cat. Well when his Mom remarried when he was 6 Jimmy had to give up his cat which set in motion his longing for another one for some 18 years!!
After Jimmy and I had only been married a few months and his birthday was approaching I asked him what he would want if he could have anything, well the only thing on his wish list was a cat! Now I grew up with cats and dogs, but I felt more akin to the purring type as well so with a trip to the animal shelter and 25 dollars later I brought home Whisper (whom we affectionately refer to as Whispey). She was not even a year old when we got her and Jimmy will say that to this day it was the best Birthday gift he has ever been given. He really loves ALL animals and in return he is loved by ALL animals. He is an animal whisperer of sorts, they seem to flock around him like a modern day Noah! So while many would say "Just take them to the pound, are you nuts to drive that far for cats?" I say "Well, while I am not nuts for cats I am nuts for my husband and thus leaving me little option." Jimmy didn't ask me to make the drive, I offered, I mean who of you could say you wouldn't go to the ends of the earth for your 4th Grade Crush!?!?
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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I'm Back! With BIG Things Coming!!

Well I am FINALLY home!! After a long drive there and then being unable to come home according to original plan due to WINTER storms the kids and I pulled into the driveway last night at 10:08pm HALLELUJAH!! I missed my hubby somethin awful and as we came over the hill and saw the lights of Las Vegas I had some tears come to my eyes and realized that through all it's flaws (of which there are many) it is still Home! Now I have a million pictures to post once I get my memory card to work right and tons of fun things of which to report but a little heads up for all those in love with a good GIVE AWAY!! I missed my 100th post and I am approaching 150 so I decided that I would have a give away just for fun. More details to come so keep a look out! Love to you all!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Things We Do For Love!!

Well this is gonna be short and sweet. Right now I am in Colorado because I drove Jimmy's cats out here to live with his sister since we are unable to keep them with us while we stay at my parents and we were not able to find someone in Vegas that could take them.   So I drove them the 13 plus hours along with three kids all the way to Denver.  They will stay with his sister until we get out here and have a place for them.  Jimmy now owes two women BIG TIME, Me because I drove them all the way out here and his sister because she is keeping them, bless her little heart!!  So I don't have pics yet but I will post again about the trip when I get back! So think of me and say a little prayer that we make it back!!  

What have you done in the name of Love!!!?????

Saturday, October 4, 2008

A Peach? Really? Grace Strikes Again!!

(Picture courtesy of Lexi)

So this actually happened about two weeks ago but things have been slightly on the busy side and I didn't have the chance to blog about it.

One afternoon as I was packing things into boxes Grace says in the sweetest way possible "Mom, you're shaped like a peach!" I really had no response other than to laugh at first and then I said "Are you calling me fat?" and then she says "Oh no Mom, I not calling you fat, you are just shaped like a peach that's all."

I know that I have not lost all the weight from having James and yes he is 8 months old but a peach, Really?!! Oh Grace!

Flashback Friday! My Dad!

I have been lost in the boxes of moving for the last little while but I didn't want to miss my Friday post!

As I contemplated what to flashback on, I thought about some pictures I had recently come across of my Dad and voila a post was born.

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My Dad is one of the most honorable people I have ever known, he has set such a great example to me. I couldn't choose just one picture because with each one there are very great memories. For anyone that knows my Dad it will not be a surprise to know that he is very passionate about golf, he has been playing since before I was born, he is also extremely good at it. He loves to be outdoors, in fact so much so that he doesn't enjoy going to the movies during daylight hours because it feels like a waste. If he is not out on the course or at the lake he can be found in the back yard on his riding lawn mower or on his bike. I don't think I can think about my Dad and not picture him out in the sun.

Now while he loves being active I know that what he loves most is his family, especially his wife. I love when my Mom talks about when they were younger and how his crystal blue eyes were something that drew her to him, she had hoped that at least one of her children would get them.

My Dad is a phenomenal grandfather, today when he didn't know I was watching I stood out on the back porch and observed him giving Grace a ride on his lawn mower, the look on her face was priceless. He is a sucker for Alexis, she can convince him to do just about anything. One of my favorite visuals is seeing him sit on the couch with James getting him to smile and laugh.

Another notable trait of my Dad is that he is fiercely devoted to his country. He is politically knowledgeable, I love being able to ask him questions about issues and knowing that he will give me an intelligent answer.

So here's to you Dad, I love you!