Thursday, August 6, 2009

Party of 1 Thank you!

This is an off the top of my head kind of post, the kind that just decided to jump out as I was trying to catch up on other blogs! I was scrolling down my home page and noticed that I am BEHIND on EVERYTHING here, and EVERYTHING at home, when the crud am I supposed to catch up?? Let's start with the fact that I haven't updated my private blog or my photo blog in a long time, I haven't updated on us as a family in a long time! My house is still not all put together and it needs to be cleaned underneath all the other mess! I am way behind on editing pictures and some sewing projects and the worst is that I haven't painted my toenails in WEEKS!! I have spent moments recently in tears wondering how the heck I will get it all done and wondering how the heck I managed to be so far from "home" i.e Vegas??

Most days I am good here, you know, enjoying the cooler weather, organizing stuff in the new place, working on some FABULOUS projects that I can't wait to blog about by the way! Then there are the moments when I get invitations to friends birthday parties in Las Vegas or hearing that my ENTIRE family was all together in Vegas, and I couldn't be there, those are the moments that I have to hold back the burning behind my eyes and just breathe in and out saying "You are supposed to be here Marylin."

We went and registered the girls for school on Tuesday and it was surreal filling out the forms with a Colorado address and phone number and realizing that my kids are about to embark on a whole new adventure in starting at a new school!

Another weird aspect is the fact that the only time my home phone rings is if it's a telemarketer (the do not call list hasn't kicked in yet), no calls from friends saying "Let's have a craft night" or "Let's meet at the sand Park", no calls from people at church or PTA telling me about meetings or activities that I need to be at. I know it takes time for all that, but what about right now? When I am feeling lonely and a little left out. Pity party? Yes, thank you, for 1.

Things are good, really, I guess I just miss everything I love about Vegas, besides the strip clubs that is!

Love to You and Missing You!


Snow family said...

Hey Marylin! I'm sorry that you are getting a little home sick sometimes! (I can understand the who the "whole family" got together and I wasn't there!) Living far away from family can stink at times! At least we got to get together while I was there! I love you and look forward to seeing you more often now that you are in Colorado and so close to my family! Feel free to invite my Mom to go to the temple with you! (She is pretty lonely too and doesn't currently have any family to go with really, I'm sure she would love it! Not to mention that if you can sneak away from kids she has an incredible sewing room and an amazing brain to pick!) Anyway, just wanted to say "love ya"!

Jill said...


GHFamily said...

Your homesickness is so understandable. I only moved across town and it felt like another world. It took about a year to make new friends and for the "fun" to kick in. Enjoy the quiet Marilyn.. knowing you, life will get super busy with the phone ever ringing soon!
Love ya,

John and Marissa said...

Awwww Marylin!! You make me want to cry! I miss you terribly too! The thought of having a birthday/craft party without you being there just seems....weird. You have always been there for me, and always will be. You will be rockin' out with me in spirit my sister! {Lots of hugs}

Heather B said...

Miss you too!! (is that a hug from Jill? I've never seen that...I love it!) I got to meet 2 of your sisters the night we dropped stuff off. They are beautiful, just like you. (I know how hard it is to be the only ohe missing at family gatherings. It SUCKS.) Love ya.