Sunday, August 9, 2009

THE BIG 30!!!

I know a girl who turns 30 today and I think she is FABULOUS!! I have known her for 18 years and we are just getting started!! I will never forget when we met in 7th Grade sharing an English class and our lunch time, we just bonded right away and in 18 years I don't think anything has ever come between us. We have been through so much together and I feel blessed to have her as my friend and in so many ways she is my sister! I can be myself around her and she with me, we can read each others minds, we share so many interests and leaving her was one of the hardest parts about leaving Vegas!!

Marissa, I am proud to call you friend, you are talented beyond talented, thanks for teaching me, loving me, being a true friend. We have done so much together, Hawaii, Sedona, AZ, Womens Conference, sewing nights, photography excursions, football games, lunch, trips to JoAnns, birthday parties, baby showers, baby blessings, weddings, funerals, girls nights, I could go on and on!! I love you, miss you and hope you know I am thinking of you today on your day!! Happy Birthday!!
When we were 16 my sister married your brother and it meant that now no matter what we are stuck with each other, but I can't imagine being "stuck" with anyone else!!

But if you don't come to visit, all bets are off!!! ;)

Love to you,


Chad & Emylee said...

oh i just love the photo shoot of you 2! your house looks great! i just enjoy your blog so much! luv ya! miss ya!

Sarah said...

Happy birthday Marissa! What a great post for a great woman!

chanel said...

Hi Marylin
I don't know if you remember me but we were at chap together. i saw your comment on amber's blog and thought if you ever want to lament on how sad it is that we're in CO Im pretty close to ya- we just moved to Firestone (from Castle Rock). Ive seen your comments on a lot of people I read/know too, so who knew we had so many friends in common??!? :)
my email is
and SWEET post!

Liz - Jess said...

What an awesome friend you are and what a great post!! Happy 30th Marissa!! I saw Rebecca's photos of her birthday celebration and I thought it looked like so much fun.