Monday, August 17, 2009

Old, New and A Little Disgusting!!

I have been trying to catch the kids on video here and there and here are just some of the clips I have gotten over the last few months! The first clip is from last night, the back story is that I saw James doing this weird hand motion and couldn't figure out what he was doing and then Jimmy so nicely showed me!! The next clip is after church one Sunday I came in the kitchen to find James on the kitchen table getting into some trouble! The third clip is when we went to McDonalds one evening and the kids were just being silly as usual! The last clip is, well it is self explanatory!! Oh and please disregard my terrible speaking voice eck!! :)

I know not all of you will care to watch the entire video but I know of at least one Grandma and Grandpa that will love to see what these kids have been up to since we left Vegas!

Love to you

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Amy said...

perhaps Jimmy and James will be famous dancers. I am not sure where. I can imagine the look on the face of the girl James takes to dinner is he orders chocolate pudding. Will she think he is a cute as we do? Grace can be primary president now that her teacher taught her everything. ca