Monday, August 31, 2009


I am so excited to announce that I am a proud Aunt again!! My sister Alyssa and BIL (brother in law), Chet welcomed their newest little girl into the world this afternoon!! Her name is Atlee (not sure on the middle name yet) Rowles, she weighed 8 lbs and 1 .OZ and 19.5 inches long! I am so EXCITED!! I can't wait to get down to Texas to see her and kiss her and hide a recording device in her room that will come on at night telling her how I am her favorite Aunt (brain washing is a totally acceptable method OK!) CONGRATS GUYS! LOVE YOU!!

While I have done some posting over the summer, I just haven't had the chance to post all the fun things we've done since so much of our time has been unpacking and getting the house together!! So here is a mish mash of pics and a few words of our Summer!! :)

Grace started Kindergarten last week and while most of the other moms took their children the first day Grace wanted to ride the bus.....

I think it was because she wanted to do this......

...You see, I am actually hiding from them in order to take this because I was told not to come get them from the bus stop, they wanted to walk together!! These are the moments being a Mom is all worth the work!

The only trouble was that I didn't have enough "Bond" to my "James" because the girls turned around and saw me just as we were getting to the house!! Oh well I got my shot and my evidence of how much they really do like each other!! :)

In July we made a visit to the Denver Aquarium downtown and it was a great time!! The sea life was beautiful and there were even some crawly creatures and a tiger or two. Jimmy's cousin Emilie had come to visit so she came along.

Jimmy and I really enjoyed watching how much James enjoyed looking at the fish, he would have stood there forever watching if we would of let him!!

Being this close to the sharks was a little creepy!!

You think that is a lot of pictures??? You should see all the ones I didn't post!!

On another afternoon the kids and I headed to the Parker Fair! It was sponsored by the Church and EVERYTHING was Free, you should all know by now how much I love "FREE"! They got their faces painted, we ate some tasty food, played some games and walked around looking at the booths! It was really well done, the only things that were kinda stinky, was that we got there pretty late in the day and it was a little too warm outside to be walking as far as we did! I know, I know it's not 115 degrees but it was like 95 degrees and we walked a really long way to and from the car!! We still had fun though!

I don't have pictures of all the other things we did so I will just list them for memory sake

  • Went to the Library on Wheels (they load the books into this great RV and bring them into the neighborhood)
  • I have had 2 amazing girls nights with the ladies in my ward! With another in the works!
  • A birthday at one of the parks nearby
  • Jimmy works on the yard on the weekends, his new love!!
  • I have spent some spare time sewing some and working on my other projects
  • Trips to Good Times (a place that sells burgers and frozen custard mmmmm!)
  • Some family movie nights, where we rent a movie from our On Demand and make popcorn!

Then yesterday we found a spot and took family pictures, I just set up the tripod and the timer and just caught a few so we would have something for our Christmas card! Now, while you will have to wait to see the family picture here is one of the kids!

Love to You!

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Janelle Ehat said...

Love love LOVE that picture of the girls on the way to the bus! SO SO sweet!! And I think you may possibly have some of the cutest kids on the planet! I LOVE all of these pictures of them! Sweet sweet sweet!