Friday, August 21, 2009

Flash Back Friday!! Fabulous Finds!!

Table & 4 Chairs- Yard Sale $35

I have ALWAYS been a lover of a good deal!! I thrive on finding things in the 75% percent off section or at thrift stores! Well my bargain hunting has reached new levels since our move, we have been on a pretty tight budget but I have been determined to find the things we need at VERY good prices and lately FREE!! Yes, that's right I have been getting some GREAT things for FREE!! I am slightly addicted to a certain online "List" that has a Free section and when I see something I want, I go for it, I don't always get it due to other intense competition but I have managed some wins! My husband LOVES it because my shopping costs him nothing on the "List" other than, as he calls it "being drug to strangers houses", and his muscle but hey how can you complain about that?!? My other favorite places have been Goodwill (they don't have D.I here, bummer) , a little place called Mile High Thrift and garage sales galore!!! I have been wanting to share some of the great things I have found but haven't found the time, until now!!

Couch Frame that I am sanding and staining- The "List" FREE!!

1940's Nurses bed side table- Yard Sale $10

Ottoman- 75% off Target $11.00

Clock- 75% off Target $4.78
Tray - Yard Sale $1

3 Pieces of Wall Art- Yard Sale $7 (all)

Three Pairs of shoes, Book & Truck- Goodwill $10

Riding Toy- Goodwill $1.50

Monkey Cookie Jar- 75% off Target $2.50

Lamp Shade- Yard Sale $1

Chair- Mile High $7.95 , Side Table- 75% off Target $17.00, Mirror- Mile High $4

Dresser- The "List" Free!!

Pure Joy For Me- Priceless!!!

I know that some of them need a little imagination, i.e the couch but just picture it with me! A fantastic walnut finish with a new firm but comfy seat cushion with a hand sewn cover and two large comfy pillows for the back, again created by me!! I will post pics of the couch when it is all done!


GHFamily said...

With all you do, how do you have time to find these priceless bargains?

Amber said...

All of your finds are awesome! I can't wait to see the finished couch!

Liz - Jess said...

I actually loved the couch frame so I can't wait to see what you do with it! Definitely post pictures. :-)

Jason, Lindsay, & Brooklyn said...

It looks like I need to come shopping in Colorado with you. We got a house! Yay! It looks like we should be moving within the next month. But, now I need some of these fabulous finds to fill it. Your house looks beautiful! I can't wait to see the finished couch. Love you and miss you!

Glenna said...

I don't know if that last comment went through, so I'll say it again! You are amazing! I am totally envious of your ability to decorate and find cool stuff that with a little imagination adds the perfect touch!

Jessi McCall said...

GREAT JOB, girly!! Man, you really can find some deals. Please don't tell Bobby that's possible, or I'll never hear the end of it! haha

Millisa said...

you totally rock it M. i can not wait to see the couch all finished.

Deanne Hill said...

What's "the list"? As in Craig's? So, so, so, so, jealous of the couch frame! AGH!! I never find stuff like that! :)