Friday, August 14, 2009

Flash Back Friday! Happy Birthday Jack and Lexi's First Day

Today is my Little Brother's Birthday!! I love him so much and I wish we lived closer so I could see him more often! He is the most easy going Holler child, he smiles and laughs tons and he has this magic way of easing tension! I am so proud of the adult he has become, he is a wonderful husband, uncle, brother and I know he will be an AMAZING father someday!! Love you Brother!!

These are some pictures I got of Lexi before heading down to the bus stop

Lexi was EXTREMELY nervous while getting ready for school, then walking to the bus stop and then while waiting for the bus!! She wanted to send a little message to her Grandma and Grandpa in Vegas but as you can tell by the video she is less than her chipper self!! Poor thing! Please notice the 80's attire! I had to laugh (to myself of course) when I saw her selection for the day and (again to myself) then thought "I hope none of the kids make fun of her, if this isn't the style here." Then my worries were put to rest as the other little girls made there way to the bus stop many of them were wearing very similar things!

Love to you,


Kara said...

What a cute nice girl! It looks beautiful there, and I hope everything is going great!

Kelli Eudis said...

It was so fun getting to know you the other night too!! We'll have to do that again really soon.

GHFamily said...

We love your brother Jack too.. what a darling boy he is.. I mean man...

Hi Lexi, you did such a good job on your video. I wish I could be your teacher.


Glenna said...

Ooooh, I SO totally can relate to her nerves! I moved to a new school right before 5th grade too, and didn't know a soul. How did it go? I'm sure she made friends already, she's such a sweet kid.

Millisa said...

she looks so cute :)