Monday, June 2, 2008

STILL Playing Catch Up!

So here I am again trying to catch up for the Month of May and now it is June! So a few weeks ago I attended the Retirement party for my High School Choir Director and it was so much fun! There were lots of people there that I had not seen in years, it is times like this that it reminds me of how while I was in High School I thought I would talk and see these people all the time for the rest of my life. Then you graduate and there are maybe a handful of people that you are able to keep in touch with, ok so anyone that knows me knows that for me it is more like 2 handfuls but still. Well it really was wonderful to talk with everyone and hear how their memories from High School and Choir are just as cherished as mine!



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Oh and I am working on getting a link to all the pictures I got from the Spring Concert and the Retirement Party on here so for those that are wanting them you are welcome to them.

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