Sunday, June 15, 2008

I love to Sing!

So for the last 5 months or so myself and my good friend Glenna have been planning a reunion for the singing group we were in during High School called Expressions. For those that do not know the first thing about Expressions, it is the preforming group at Chaparral High School (my old stopping grounds). It consists of about 20 students who do lots of traveling and singing, we spent so much time together that we all became close friends.

Well we have been talking (Glenna and I) for several years about getting us all together and when I got an email from Glenna that we were just gonna do it, I immediatly jumped on board! It took a little bit of time to locate everyone, and there was one that we never were able to contact but out of 22 that was not too bad.

So the reunion was set for June 14th 2008 and while there was a lot of work and time put into the event it was well worth it! This past Saturday was the BIG day, we started with breakfast at Blueberry Hill and then went back to Chaparral to sing the music we sang our Senior year. Our Director Marsha Borovicka was there to lead us and it was really amazing to be sitting in our old choir room with her at the helm! We had set up a room for our spouses and children to play and hang out in while we rehersed a few of our favorite pieces and then we performed for them. My family has never really seen me sing other than around the house so I was really excited for them to see me in that setting. While the songs did not sound as good as they did 11 years ago, I think that for only having six of us there and not having sung those songs for 11 years we did pretty well! Yes, we were really bummed that only six of us made it, we had several that at the last minute were not able to make it but it was still great for those of us that did!!

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After our mini-concert we took a little break so that children could take naps and so we could re-group and then we met back up that evening at my parents house (thanks Mom & Dad) for a BBQ. We spent the night eating food and catching up, the end of the evening I was able to show the slide show that I had been working on for many weeks. It was a great day and maybe once we (Glenna and I) have recovered from putting this one together we will be ready to do it again in another 10 or 11 years :).


These are some of our children, the red heads belong to Tanya, Grace & Lexi (and lexi's friend), Glenna's girls in the pool, and then one of Sam's kids.

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Amanda said...

How should have opened it up for a public concert :) I'm sure you guys had tons to talk about. I would love to do something like that!