Monday, June 23, 2008

When I Grow Up I am Gonna Run Away and Join the Cicus!

10 Reasons I Should Join the Circus

10. I have always had a thing for leotards (see my "ABC tag" post)

. Working w/ Elephants would be a dream because they would always be bigger than me.

. Staying fit would be much easier doing two shows daily.

. I have always wanted to travel the world!

. I could scratch an itch with my toes when I am short on hands.

. I already know how to tame wild animals.

. I could be in the side show cause I have eyes in the back of my head.

. I could drive a compact fuel efficient car that would fit all my clowns!

. The tight rope is something I walk everyday.

. I have always wanted to wear a top hat!

Last Thursday, the 19th of June we went to the circus as a family. I had bought the tickets many weeks prior and only paid 10 bucks each! I wasn't expecting to have very good seats but when we got there we were only 3 rows back! The girls had been excited all day, so when we found our seats and as the show was starting their eyes were as big as pies! Grace was most happy about the lions and elephants and Lexi loved the beautiful ladies that spun from the ceiling on wires. James was really good and seemed to enjoy the lights and music although he did fall asleep part way through. It was a wonderful thing to do as a family, however I am hopeful that next year we will be able to join the 3 old "No cruelty to animals" ladies that stood out on the corner in protest to the circus :).

I love in the video when Lexi keeps striking a pose waiting for the camera, too funny! Silly girl she is always ready! Oh and the guy with the tigers, I swear more than once I was thinking we would be at the show where he would get eaten!!

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moombamadness said...

It has been so cool to see your blog and get to know your family again. I was working late last night and was actually thinking about you guys. I looked at my watch and saw it was the 24th and a year since your daughter had lost her friend. I do think you have a great kid in that one. You must be a terrific mom. We are doing great and love everybodies blogs.