Friday, June 6, 2008


10 Years Ago
I try not to think about what I was doing 10 years ago so how about 9 years ago. Lexi was almost 5 months old and we were staying with my parents and I was going to school to be a teacher (I changed my mind) and ended up in school to be an Esthetician (Skin care).

5 Things On My "TO DO" List
I'm going to make this a 5 things to do before I die list:
1. Travel to as many places as I can with Jimmy
2. Learn as much about photography as I can
3. Become an AMAZING cook. (I love to cook)
4. Sing in a GREAT choir (outside of High School)
5. Raise my kids to be productive members of society. Oh and get into really great shape.

Things I Would Like To Do If I Were Suddenly A Billionaire
1. Buy two homes, one for the summers and one for the winters and hire someone to clean them! And decorate them the way I want!
2. Travel a ton with my family.
3. Buy Jimmy the mustang of his dreams and the truck he wants!
4. Pay for my kids school and weddings
5. Invest.
6. Buy some more cameras so I don't have to change out lenses so often.
7. Tell Jimmy to quit his job so he can go back to school like he has wanted to do.
8. build a spa in my house so I can give my friends and family facials.
9. Own a preserve to house all of Jimmy and Lexi's animals!!
10. Let my Dad retire so he and my Mom don't have to worry.

3 Of My Bad Habits
1. Letting Fear stop me from doing things
2. Worrying
3. Eating too much

Places I've lived
Anchorage, Alaska
Steamboat Springs, Colorado
Las Vegas, Nevada
For a Total of 17 houses

Jobs I've Had
Frozen-yogurt server (Golden Swirl)
Doctors office
Discovery Zone
Esthetician (3 salons/spas)
Mom (i.e. Driver, Chef, Maid, Hair Dresser, Referee, Interior Designer, Mrs. fix-it, carpenter, Teacher, Secretary, ATM, Private Investigator, S.W.A.T, Party Planner, Counselor, wild life trainer, Nurse, Accident/Crime Scene Investigator, Nursery Leader, Diaper Genie, Warden, Photographer, Religious Instructor,...etc...)

Some Things Most People Don't Know About Me:
1. I would love to drive a race car! just for fun
2. I do not like competition
3. I hate Hamburgers!
4. I wish I would have been a dancer!
5. I Like labels on things to face forward
6. I wish I had a southern accent.
7. I hate scary movies
8. I love to laugh till I cry.
9. I love it at night when it is quiet and I am the only one awake in the house
10. I would love to have a house in the country

--Okay, now you post this on your blog about you!!!!



Rob and Michelle said...

NO WAY!!!! You worked at a frozen yogurt shop too?! --That was a fun post, huh? My hubby laughed that I though I was CSI and then Warden. Ha ha!

Kasey Eyre said...

So many things I just learned about you. I bought a "slip and slide" today so you'll have to come over so the kids can play and we'll cook something good to eat!

Matt & Mandy Evans said...

these surveys are so cute to read. You look great by the way! Jana and I keep trying to plan a night out you have to come when it finally happens!

Steph said...

Yeah I love tags!