Wednesday, June 25, 2008

On a lighter note!

So James turned 5 months yesterday! I really can't believe how fast it is going!! It is also another reminder that I need to get these last pounds off me! James is such an EASY baby, he just hangs out and smiles and sleeps and is so fun. The fact that he sleeps is such an awesome thing to me because he goes to bed around 9 and doesn't wake up until 8:30 or so the next morning!!! It is a dream really! In fact some mornings I have to wake him so that I can feed him! He is starting to do the cute little talking that babies this age do, he is rolling over and he loves playing with toys and of course putting everything in his mouth. He loves his sisters and his Daddy, he gets a huge smile on his face anytime they walk in the room. I love my boy, bet you couldn't even tell! :)

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John and Heather Davis said...

If it's possible- James gets cuter every second!!!