Sunday, June 29, 2008

My boys!

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These are my two favorite boys on the planet!! I love watching Jimmy with his son, they love each other so much and I have visions in my head of them going to Father/Son activities and doing all the things that my Dad and brother do together! Jimmy talks about wanting to take him camping and fishing and doing outdoor stuff, although I told him that it might be best to wait until he is able to at least walk :). I think that Jimmy is so glad to have some more testosterone in the house, he had been so out numbered but now he has a tag-team! As Grace once told me "Boys is Awesome!"


Jess & Liz said...

Hey it was good to hear from you! Kind of random, but I was just thinking about you yesterday. I went to a song writing seminar this weekend and Hilary Weeks was there. So of course, I remembered the first time I heard her song were when you sang them. Which you knocked out of the park. Anyway, fun memory!! Your family is cute and I feel for you with all those messes.

Mike & Alleen said...

You are so calm when it came to the flour/sugar incident. I'm afraid I would loose it if Haley did that. I'm sure it will happen sometime though! Isn't it fun being a Mom!

Tom & Rachel said...

Love the line, "boys is awesome." I do hope to at least get one boy. I'm sure Tom would love to take one fishing and camping too. Your boys are cute together.

Sorry I haven't called you back yet. Tom's been off all week so we've been running around doing family stuff. I'll call you soon. :)

Tiffany said...

I agree, "Boys is Awesome." Everyone should have at least one.