Friday, June 6, 2008

Flashback Friday!

So I have missed the last few Fridays but I am trying to get back on track a bit so here goes. This flashback is going WAY BACK! The memory came to me after talking with my sister Alyssa about her girls being involved in a swim team. When we moved to Las Vegas from Colorado it was like coming to a new planet, we had moved from a small town to LAS VEGAS! I remember the first time I saw someone that had a swimming pool in their backyard and thinking "Holy crud they must have a lot of money" in Steamboat Springs there was one large community pool that was open in the summers and it was a special treat to go. My parents decided that in order for us to really learn to swim we should join a competitive swim team the Las Vegas Gold. I was really nervous the first time we went but it was fun to learn and being somewhat new to Vegas it was a place to make friends. Although there were good things that came from the experience I still feel a little sick to my stomach when I think about the competitive part of the whole thing. I had done well enough in the local meets that I made it to the state competition held in Reno, they flew all of us there to compete and the day of the big race comes and I just stand there on the block frozen, the gun fires and my body doesn't move and I just remember being petrified! My coach was really nice he began promising me everything he could think of just to get me to jump off the blocks but I was just soo worried about losing that it kept me from doing it. I was and still am embarrassed by it all so I can't believe that I am sticking this on my blog for all to read. The worst part was at the end of the year banquet when Rowdy Gaines (one of the head coaches and former Olympic Gold Medalist) is standing giving a speech and he says something like "blah blah blah...and the little girl that wouldn't jump off the blocks...." I wanted to hide under the table as I felt many gazes come my way. Anyway, as much as it wasn't my moment in the sun, I guess those are the moments that all of us must have to some extent.

This is a picture of Me (in the clothes, let's not have any comments on the pants or pink visor k. it was the 80's)
my friend Kaycee, my sister Alyssa and her friend Recee. In fact they were sisters and they had another sister named C.C, no kidding.


Brady, Brook, & Ellie said...

I had no idea you were a swimmer, love the Reno story!

John and Heather Davis said...

Wow competitive swim team!! I bet you have a lot of great memories of you swim team days, even if some are a little embarrasing!

Angie Larkin said...

Flashback Friday! What a fantastic idea!