Monday, October 26, 2009

Sleepy Shutterbug!

This past weekend was a whirlwind! Saturday I was up early so I could be on the road to Colorado Springs for a family photo shoot, then I headed to my in-laws to meet Jimmy and the kids followed by lunch at Noodles N Company and then headed to the foothills (far away) for my cousins wedding! Whew! Sunday was the girls Primary Program and me filling in for an absent nursery worker and then after church a few visits from people in the ward, some kids that wanted to rake our yard and making Alfredo sauce from scratch to go with the "Linner" (lunch/dinner). I then headed upstairs to upload the pictures off my memory cards but fell asleep at the keyboard, so I found a comfy spot on my bed and took a much needed rest, Awww!

Well I woke up and it was about bed time for the kids so Jimmy and I hung out and watched a movie and then because I wasn't tired I read some from my latest book and wrote some of the one I am working on and then sat to try looking at the pics again. Success. I have to share a little bit!

( I was not the main photog, my cousin just asked me to bring my camera along, he was the groom, oh and I don't usually do lots of the lens flare thing, but I kinda like it in this shot. My uncle Steve married them, it was a nice ceremony. )


Rob and Michelle said...

That's funny...we call lunch-dinner "lunner".

Amy said...

I loved the pictures. Who is the preacher at the wedding? I bet they paid lots for his good looks! Wait I think he looks like me.

Marylin said...

Mom, your crazy! LOL

John and Marissa said...

Girl! You know I love that sun flare! Nice shots!