Friday, October 23, 2009

Flashback Friday! Who Knew??

This was just a few short weeks after Jimmy and I were married! We were such babies, and to think I thought I was an old maid at barely 24! Sheesh what perspective will do for ya!

This was Jimmy's VERY first trip to the beach and Disneyland. It was so fun watching him get excited over the smell of the ocean, the sunset and everything that IS California! I remember when Jimmy and I were dating he would ask me what I saw in him and I would say all the "right" and "nice" things, but I really had only seen the surface of who he is! Jimmy is even more of an amazing husband and Father than I knew possible at that time. We have grown so much together, he supporting me and I him. He has qualities that I didn't even know I would need, you see I was an "Independent women", I had been for several years and never thought that his ability to let me rest from my "Independence" would be so vital. He showed me that I could rely on someone else, he could help carry the weight of parenting and keeping a house and home going! I was no longer alone!

He has been here to be my help mate, and I have been so blessed in our marriage. He is kind, and generous, strong yet humble, intelligent, hard working and he is so patient with me. I know at first glance this might seem like a brag fest, but let me say that before Jimmy I didn't know I deserved all that. I know what it's like to be "legally obligated" to someone who is none of those things, so no this is not a "Look what I got" it's a thank you to my Heavenly Father for seeing far more than I could (and can) and blessing me with someone who would be more, than I could have imagined for myself.

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beautifully said M