Friday, October 2, 2009

Flashback Friday! I LOVE TO LAUGH!!

It is one of my most favorite things in the world!! I mean who can argue with how great it feels to laugh so hard you cross your legs and cry at the same time!?! If you don't enjoy laughing, we can't be friends!! :) I actually recently had a friend suggest that I don't even own a serious face, but, just ask my kids and they might beg to differ! I do love to smile and laugh so hard that my cheeks and belly ache, I love listening to others laugh, and in fact I will purposefully say dumb things just to hear it!!

One of the reasons I married Jimmy is his ability to make me laugh, sometimes it might just be because of something he said on accident. Example: The other evening we were sitting watching a little Tele when a commercial came on and Jimmy says "Oh look it's Dookie Howser." I seriously had to take a bathroom break because I could not contain my laughter! Once I was able to speak, I explained to him that it was "Doogie Howser" not "Dookie", he then erupted in laughter and that started me all over again and then it was just the two of us busting our guts!! I love that about him, that he can laugh at himself, he has taught me not to take my self so seriously and I am grateful for that. Actually Jimmy is the master at laughing at himself, my family often comments how most of the time it is his laughter that makes us laugh! I really should be documenting all the things he says or does that make me laugh, he has truly brightened my life!

I must also add that Jimmy and I have tried to pass the laughter on to our kids, they make me laugh all the time, weather is be something silly Grace says, something James does or Lexi running into a wall, I laugh everyday thanks to those little buggers!! I love to tickle them just to hear a burst of joy escape their mouths, it brings happiness to our home and hopefully they take it along with them wherever they go!!

Just this morning! He gets it from his Daddy!!

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