Saturday, October 17, 2009

Don't Ask! Flashback Friday! I know it's not Friday anymore, just pretend!

In not so many words, it's been a long week and yet short at the same time! I am late on my post but who the crud cares, really??

This is my ALL time favorite studio picture of myself as a little kid, actually maybe of all time!! I think it captures me in my essence, happy! I mean how could you not love that face, no wonder my Mom kissed it all the time! :) I promise I have lots to post about and will do it soon!

Love to you


Leah said...

That IS a darling picture!

Kari Clark said...

You seriously had more dimples than any other kid I've seen - sooo cute! I love how big you were smiling, it made the dimples all the more apparent.

Glenna said...

You are adorable!!!