Thursday, July 2, 2009

Big Strong Man, HA!!!

I must say that I got permission to tell the following story and it is in fact based on true events!!

A few nights back Jimmy and I were on a long walk on a trail that meanders through tall brush and open space behind his parents house. The sun was setting as we turned around to head back and it was a little harder to see, well I noticed something moving ahead so I said "Honey, do you see that, look, look?!" well before he even took the time to see what it was he took his position directly BEHIND me, holding my arm as if I was there to protect HIM?!?! I just belly laughed uncontrollably, I then said "Honey, look, its a deer!!" Then this sweet little Bambi face came out from the brush and walked across the path, Jimmy again retreated behind me and I just laughed more! Silly man! How is a 6 FOOT 4 200 plus pound man gonna hide behind ME!!?? Once the "Danger" had passed we laughed the rest of the way home! I was reminded that night of why I married such a BIG STRONG MAN!! :)

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Shelley said...

That is hilarious!