Saturday, July 11, 2009

Getting Creative!!

So we have been in our new place a week now and I LOVE it! What I don't love is having no chairs, tables, couches, beds, phones, Internet (until today), T.V., toys, kitchen supplies, washer/dryer, EVERYTHING you need to run a house! The story is that we rented a P.O.D back in April to store our stuff in and be shipped to Colorado and wait here for us to find a place, well for some reason we don't know, they never sent our P.O.D to Colorado so when we called to have it delivered they were like "Oh it's still in Las Vegas, and the soonest it can be to your new address is July 14th." Of course it's still in Las Vegas, cause who the heck likes things to go smoothly?!? Not us, nope! So then we debated on moving in last week when we had nothing to move in, but a few hours later and a reminder why living with your in-laws can be a challenge I made the executive decision to try camping for a bit in the new house!! Jimmy was wise to agree and so with a trip or 4 to the store to buy things that can be cooked in the microwave, in a bowl with milk, or don't need cooking at all, along with plastic spoons, paper-towels, a hand-vac, a can opener, toilet paper, paper plates, bug spray (I hate spiders and there are many in this land called Colorado, or Spiderland as I refer to it), and the few essentials we would need to survive!

Now ask yourself what do you do with three kids in an empty house for two weeks? We don't have crayons, pencils, markers cause that would just be an open invitation to color on walls, doors, people! The kids and I have gotten creative with our time, we do have a portable DVD player that they have used to watch a few (wink wink) movies, we have two hula-hoops, and a mini-football. I spent the first few days hanging up clothes on hangers that we have and trying to make some sense of things. We have spent time at the park near our house, driving around trying to find near-by grocery stores/gas stations/places to eat. We even made a trip to Goodwill and found a couple toys for James, Grace found a treasure or two and Lexi decided there weren't any books that looked good and she "wants to find a library!" I have gotten some work done on editing the pictures that I owe to several families, again thanks for your patience! I mostly maintain them and me until 4:30 when I know Jimmy will be getting off work and on his way home and then we go on walks around the neighborhood and I have someone to talk to that doesn't whine at me or need his diaper changed!

Don't worry she will thank me for getting this picture later!

We have picnics for every meal, and the kids don't seem to mind although keeping a 17 month old boy sitting without the help of a highchair has it's challenges! The girls have made friends with a little girl across the street and her parents found out that we "didn't even have a TV" so they sent over an extra one that they had and said we could use it until ours come!

Speaking of which, Jimmy and his brother Danny are driving this way, as I type, in a U-HAUL truck with a small portion of what was still in Vegas, including my DYSON!! Oh to hear the lovely sound of it's motor and never ending suction will be like the voice of a long lost friend!! Never as a child could I have anticipated loving a vacuum so much, and yet, I do!

Life is good for the Kelley's, we are rebounding quite nicely here in this new City. I have a couple friends, all of whom I knew before moving here and one happens to be in our new Ward!! That was wonderful having at least one familiar face on my first Sunday, she is also Lexi's Activity Day Leader, awesome! They have 3 nursery's and James has managed to find an open spot and joined right in, shh don't tell anyone that he is really two weeks from being old enough! Grace must have also felt right at home on Sunday because she threw a great tantrum during Sacrament meeting, even flopping around under the bench seat!

I want all of you to know that we are safe and sound here in Brighton, CO and not to worry cause they have a Target and a Wal-Mart nearby so I will be OK! My children are a reminder though that we have been City folk since their birth because we drove past one of the many farms near our home and Lexi was like "Oh MY GOSH, what are those tractors doing with all that Hay?" or "OH MY GOSH MOM, there is a horse trailer with horses in it, in the Wal-Mart parking lot!"

Grace has kept us laughing in all this, as always, and I have to share just one silly thing she said the other day. She and I were listening to my IPOD touch and she noticed there was a picture of the girls singing the song on the IPOD and she says

"Mom, I have a GREAT Idea! You could be a singer like these girls and be a super-star and make lots of money and get all the money and then Daddy will really love you!"
Me " Well, that is a great idea Grace, but I dunno if I could be a super-star."
Grace "Well, here Mom, let me hear you sing!"
I love that I felt like I was auditioning for American Idol or something for my 5 year old! Maybe she meant this kind of Superstar!

Oh wait, OK one more story, I just can't help myself!
The second day we were in Colorado Grace lost her first tooth (without it being knocked out), she got 5 one dollar bills from the tooth fairy and the next morning she came down stairs and says to Grammy Kelley "Here, Grammy (hands her a dollar), go get yourself a new couch, this one hurts my hips!" Oh Grace, really, your hips?! LOL

Love to you



John and Marissa said...

That funny little Grace Face just cracks me up! I love hearing the things that she says! Beautiful home!

Rachel B. said...

The house looks really nice! And seriously, the invitation for borrowing the bed is still there. We can even bring it over to you if you want. You can also raid our house for movies, toys, whatever! Stop your stubborness and come over! :) It's so funny to me how I am so used to all the farms now. It's funny that pretty much every day Reese sees cows, horses, sheep, etc. Definitely different than what I grew up with! :)

Steph said...

Love the house. Glad you found one quick. Man, they must do things alot quicker in colorado. You sound good and I am glad. Maybe we will be up to visit sometime. Larry has family in colorado springs. Dont know if its close but it cant be too far. love and miss ya steph

Millisa said...

beautiful home M! i bet it is so wonderful to be in your own space :) i know it is a lil hard not having all your stuff, but these days you are making it all work will be memories that you and your kdis carry with you forever.

Kasey Eyre said...

What a cute house! Does Grace ever wear clothes? I'm glad you're getting settled, that you have your own place (finally!) and that you're enjoying your new neighborhood. It's so good the girls have friends already and that you've got people you know there. I hope you get your stuff soon - I know you must be going crazy having everything unfinished. Miss you!

Steph said...

That Grace.... priceless :) How funny that you mention Wal-mart and Target and that you'll be okay. We we rolled in to Fayettville, NC I saw they had a Wal-Mart an Old Navy, and a Pier 1, and I knew I'd be okay! Can't wait to come visit :)

Heather & Greg said...

Your house is super cute! I'm glad you are surviving, I have to say you are stronger than I am. I LOVE my Dyson to. Greg and I say that is the one thing we would fight over if we ever got divorced. HAHA Hopefully you will visit soon. I miss you!

Jason and Page said...

Looks great- and wow what I wouldn't give for grass in my front yard ( : Miss you! Our 1st PTA meeting is Tuesday and it will be very sad without you there! ) : Glad you are happy though.

Janelle Ehat said...

So glad you are in your own place and starting a new adventure out there! Your kids are so cute and your little Grace sounds so much like my Emily! What a riot! Your house in beautiful! I hope you guys get your POD tomorrow as promised and can start settling in. I HATE the "in between" stages of anything. Thanks for all your sweet comments on my blog to! Someday we'll have to get together and hang out. Take care!

Annie said...

I am glad to hear that all is well! I love your house and I hope you POD gets there soon you superstar!

Liz - Jess said...

I love the new house! It's beautiful. Glad you have your own place now. And, I just thought that I should point out that Grace is in her underwear again...hahahaha. You should really go back and count how many pictures you have of her like this.

Shelley said...

Yay, Marylin, looks like you have lots of space - that must be wonderful!!! And, did you get your stuff yet? I'm glad to see you are enjoying your favorite food!