Monday, June 29, 2009

Father's Day In the Mountains

I know this is a bit late but it seems like everything I do lately is a little out of whack! Our Father's Day was really great this year! I was sad to be away from my Dad, since it is the first time that I have ever lived away from him on Father's Day, but I wanted to make it a memorable one for Jimmy so we headed up to Grand Lake, CO to stay at my Aunt & Uncle's! We left Sat morning and made the 2 and half hour drive through several small mountain towns before making it to the one lane, dirt road that leads to their house. Now this is no ordinary house, I spent several summers there when I was a teenager so it holds a very dear place in my heart. It sits on lots and lots of land tucked back in the woods, with horses, elk, bears, raccoons, moose, roaming through their property. My Uncle Lyle built the house 19 years ago for them to retire in and they made it big enough to have family come and stay, which makes it great for us!

I knew Jimmy would love the area, as he is kind of a mountain man, no people, no traffic and plenty of fresh air! We pulled into their driveway and the kids and Jimmy were eager to get out and explore, they have a giant swing set and teeter-totter, the Colorado river is a mere stream running through their land, all kinds of birds fly around singing songs, and the amazing mountains that surround this wonderland seem to stand watch over it all. I have never felt so close to the clouds without being in a plane, a reach, and a small jump should put the soft white fluff in my hands. The wind blows just enough to move my hair and bring in the afternoon showers, it took us all away in just a few minutes of being there.

We had a wonderful dinner with Marylin (my aunt) & Lyle and then the kids played and played until the sun went down. Lexi loved walking out into the pasture to stand by the fence and talk with the horses, they would come right up to her like they had been friends for years. Grace spent her time swinging, or begging for someone to join her on the teeter-totter. James just ran around following his sisters where ever they were headed. We all slept in one room, the room that I slept in all those years ago, the girls made a little camp out with sleeping bags and blankets, while James found our bed to be the most comfortable! The next morning we ate breakfast and then took a walk up the dirt road, there were many lakes and paths to explore but with little legs, come shortened walks, so we headed back before Jimmy and I would be carrying all of them. My cousin Lyle (their son) and his son Brian had come up as well so we chatted with everyone for a while before packing up the car and heading back to Parker. I was sad to leave but felt renewed and happy knowing I can come back much more often now that I live so close!

Something about the Mountains of Colorado that relax my soul, in so many ways I feel Home, perhaps it's the fact that both my parents grew up near by, or maybe that I lived here when I was little, it could possibly be that I spent time as a teenager under this sky. But you know I think it's because I have the four most important people in my life around me, not a new town, not a new house, can take that feeling away when Home is who you bring along.


Kasey Eyre said...

Great pictures! Looks like you're all settling in nicely and having a good time in your new home.

familiesarepriceless said...

Wow you are a professional photographer. Looks like a blast.

Do you remember my mother-in-law Annie from softball? Well she's not doing well and isn't expected to make it much longer. Random uh what a good way to tell you over a blog. Love ya

Millisa said...

you are such a great writer M. what a beautiful house! i wish i lived there!!

Amber said...

It looks so green & pretty!!