Monday, October 27, 2008

Little Piggy, Silly Face, Aprons & It's Coming!

So we have been busy as usual, but this past weekend I shared some fun time with each of my little munchkins!
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James was enjoying his mashed potatoes like none since that of Randy Parker (A Christmas Story), he even made the little grunting noises!

Grace is my silly little girl, she loves to make faces in pictures so I let her change it up while I snapped away, and then at the end she said "And one pretty one, k Mom." Love that Grace!

Lexi had a friend over on Sat. and we decided to make some aprons, Lexi was my model for this one that we made. It was a fun day and I am very blessed.

Now stay tuned the next post I make will be 150 and as promised there is a SURPRISE coming!! Love to you all


Jessi McCall said...

I love the pics. And, I'm also loving your old Halloween pics. It's such a fun holiday!
Oh, and as for chopping your hair...don't you dare! If my hair was as beautiful as yours I wouldn't have chopped it, BUT If you do, I'm sure you'll still look HOTTT! :)

Liz - Jess said...

Alright, I know I have said this before, but does Grace ever get dressed?? LOL! I swear, it is every picture. It cracks me up! :-)

Rachel said...

Love the picture of James eating his mashed potatoes! And that comment is funny about Grace never being dressed. I never thought about it, but it does seem true. Reese is all about being naked lately too. And I can't wait for the 150th post. Bring it!

Steph said...

Dangit, I wish I could. Im helping out in Clark's class tomorrow for the big parade. I guess im a little behind too, did you move or what? And yes, i have noticed Grace half naked in all her pics. Isnt that what life is all about though. live it up gracie!!!!call me

Jill Mennig said...

Thanks for the park invite! I wish I had checked sooner that day. Hope to see you again and I am very curious about your coming blog suprise!