Thursday, October 16, 2008

My Nature Walk in Divinity

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The first few days of our visit we were surrounded by the scenes of Fall and the itch took over and I had to go out and explore. Despite the cold temperatures that had settled in I snapped shots until my battery lost it's strength. There is something about the colors of Fall that speak to my soul, they whisper of the Divine Hand that created our world.


Kasey Eyre said...

You'll have to call me when you get a moment...I've been wondering when you would get back. I love your fall pictures. That is the one thing I hate about it here, we never get a pretty fall. I loved that about going to school in Cedar - it was the first time I had a real fall!

John and Heather Davis said...

I love fall! I seem to be a happier person in the fall. Its a little sad though to live in a place that fall doesnt make an as beautiful appearence as it does in other places. I do how ever still get to enjoy the wonderful weather fall brings to Vegas and the smell- Hmmmm I love it!!!!

Bonnie said...

Absolutely gorgeous!
I still miss you all.