Friday, October 24, 2008

Who's This Big Kid? And What Happened to My Baby?

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So today my baby boy is 9 months old!! Here are just some of the things he is doing at this fun age.

*He has 6 teeth (with more on the way)
*He is crawling like a maniac on all fours
*He pulls himself up on just about everything
*Today I caught him climbing half way up the stairs
*He is great at waving and is working on clapping!!
*He is a bottomless pit, he loves Teddy Grahams, cheerios, apples, bananas, bread, pizza, ice cream, Ritz Crackers, green beans, potatoes, and just about anything that he sees us eating! (He prefers not to eat baby food)
*Speaking of Eating he tried using a spoon today!

*He LOVES his Daddy!

*He Loves to laugh at Lexi and her silly dancing!
*He Loves when Grace shares her toys with him!
*He is a Great Growler, he sounds like a little monster!
*Water is his Favorite drink, well right after Mommy milk (he prefers a sippy cup).

*He gives sweet hugs and rests his head on my shoulder
*He like to kiss himself in the mirror.

I have to make sure that I keep track of all this stuff, he is growing so fast and I just want to remember it all. James is the sweetest boy, he is very calm and easy going. He loves other people and will give up his toothy smile for just about anyone, but he tends to look at Mom for approval first. I love being his Mom, it is more wonderful than I could have imagined. The little fits have started already, he will cry a little to try and get his way, i.e his sisters toys, or something he isn't allowed to play with. His favorite game right now is to crawl across the living room and pull himself up on the T.V stand, all the while I stand back calling his name and then I run over and pick him up real quick causing this burst of laughter to spill out, he will do it over and over again. He is also getting great at playing catch, he and I will sit on the floor together and I will roll a tennis ball to him, he picks it up and then throws it back to me. It is very fun to watch him figure things out and learn new skills! There are moments when I want him to just stay a baby forever, I love holding him and kissing his cheeks until he pushes me away! Aww I love my boy!!


Liz - Jess said...

He looks just. like. your husband!! Crazy!

Rob and Michelle said...

6 TEETH! Oh my goodness. My kids never cut teeth until after their first birthday. In fact at 18 months, Ryan still only had 4!

Enjoy every second girl because it speeds by! Last night I walked my Senior son onto the field at his last home football game. I was trying so hard to keep it together. Just before we stepped onto the field I choked out, "You've grown up too fast Corey. Too fast." I swear he was just a 9 month old baby...

Heather B said...

You're so right, you have to keep track of it, and he'll be glad you were good about it (cause don't second/third/fourth/everyone after the first kid kind of get screwed in that aspect?) That's awesome that he is a bottomless pit. Nice.

Scott and Lorisa said...

A Bottomless pit...that sounds like Jimmy. He was never done eating when he lived at our house. Sometime you should check out our blog, its at

-Lorisa Worthen Lowry