Wednesday, October 22, 2008

60 MinutesThat Will Last a Life Time

On our way home to Vegas the kids and I made a stop in Grand Junction, Colorado to see Jimmy's Grandparents and the kids Great Granny & Grandpa. It was wonderful to smell homemade Chicken Noodle Soup as we walked into the house and to see the excitement in their eyes as their sights paused on each child. The girls ate to their hearts content and then made their way to the backyard enabling their legs to stretch. Granny and Grandpa stayed inside with James and I so they could each take turns doting over him. He loved them equally in return, just sitting contently on their laps smiling. We headed on our way after just an hour but promised to come back soon and stay longer. As we headed back to the Highway the girls recounted all that had occurred in the hour, Grace laughed as she thought of Grandpa spinning her on the stool and Lexi reminded me how many bowls of soup she had and the cookies that followed! Hearing them made me think of the trips I made as a child to my Grandparents homes, the smells, sounds and hugs. I knew in that moment that this short visit would last much longer in their minds. Thank you Granny & Grandpa for allowing us to linger if only but for a little while in your home, we love you!

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(My two older sisters and I with my Grandma, no I don't remember this visit but many others)
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Liz - Jess said...

What great memories! Grandparents are the best!