Thursday, October 16, 2008

Colorado Part 1! The reason behind the journey... Sci-Fi & A Crush!!

Well as previously mentioned I made a trip to Colorado to provide the safe journey for two of the three cats that have called our house, home.
and Eowyn
(yes we have a thing with naming our pets after movie characters i.e Harry Potter & Lord of the Rings) did as well as could be expected from two cats stuck in a cage for a two day drive. Lexi was sad to see her cat (Hermione) go but was glad it was not to the pound, Jimmy said he was missing his cat Eowyn mere moments after we left, I am just gonna pretend that came after his missing of his wife and three children. He was able to keep his cat Whisper here at my parents so that helps a bit.
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(Above photos Hermione top two photos and Eowyn & Whisper in lower photos)

Now as to my husbands affection for all things Feline it began when he was just a little boy. Jimmy acquired his first cat when he was around 4 and I suspect that since his mom was a single, working mother of two, he was extremely bonded to his cat. Well when his Mom remarried when he was 6 Jimmy had to give up his cat which set in motion his longing for another one for some 18 years!!
After Jimmy and I had only been married a few months and his birthday was approaching I asked him what he would want if he could have anything, well the only thing on his wish list was a cat! Now I grew up with cats and dogs, but I felt more akin to the purring type as well so with a trip to the animal shelter and 25 dollars later I brought home Whisper (whom we affectionately refer to as Whispey). She was not even a year old when we got her and Jimmy will say that to this day it was the best Birthday gift he has ever been given. He really loves ALL animals and in return he is loved by ALL animals. He is an animal whisperer of sorts, they seem to flock around him like a modern day Noah! So while many would say "Just take them to the pound, are you nuts to drive that far for cats?" I say "Well, while I am not nuts for cats I am nuts for my husband and thus leaving me little option." Jimmy didn't ask me to make the drive, I offered, I mean who of you could say you wouldn't go to the ends of the earth for your 4th Grade Crush!?!?
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Liz - Jess said...

Wow, that picture of Jimmy in the fourth grade really puts your relationship into perspective. That is so awesome that he was your fourth grade crush! How sweet!