Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sunday Scripture! Revisit with Visiting Teachers

Today was my last Sunday in Vegas before we head back over the mountains and through the woods on Tues. The lesson in relief society was on Visiting Teaching, something that I have expressed my testimony of more than once in the past.

This talk by Julie B. Beck from the Nov 2009 Ensign gives a great reminder of just how essential women in the church are. We have the ability to serve others that is special just to us, we can nurture and love in ways that is uniquely ours and was determined to be so by our Heavenly Father. Our role on this earth is to make sure it has the fluffy stuff, you know, notes in your kids lunches, kisses on owies, a shoulder to cry on when the other kids have said something mean. Of course Fathers and Men are essential as well, but as women we have a tender way about us that can not be replaced.

One of the many ways we can serve and have been asked to serve within the boundaries of the gospel is through our Visiting Teaching. This is our chance to go into the homes of the women we are assigned to visit and check in on them, befriend them, encourage them and love them. In return we will find that we are blessed in new friendships and the ability to look outside our own stresses and lift others.

Some of my most dear friends came from visiting teaching, either they were mine, I was theirs or we were partners. I am grateful for them and still maintain contact with most of them, they are women I will treasure for my entire life.

Now if I were home on my computer I could put together a collage of all the women that have made such a difference in my life through their service to me and also their willingness to have let me serve them. I am not, so I will have to do that later but perhaps just a mention of their names will help you realize these are women you might know, women with children and busy lives just like you and me, it encourages me knowing if they were able to set aside the time for V.T than I can do as long as I make it a priority. That is something I really have been trying to work on and plan for this new year to not miss a single month!! Don't hate me if I do K

Kasey Eyre (Visiting Teacher & V.T Partner)
Emylee Bierstedt (Visiting Teacher)
Judy Knittle (Visiting Teacher)
Tara Smith (Visiting Teaching Partner)
Kim Yates ( Visiting Teachee)
Karen Stevens (Visiting Teacher)
Lindsay Mann ( Visiting Teachee and V.T partner)
Deborah Parshall (Viting Teacher)
Chelsea Kovach (Visiting Teacher)
Carie Fordham (Visiting Teachee)
Abbi Salas (Visiting Teachee)
Amie Ison (V.T Partner)

These are just some of their names and I am forever grateful for them!

All my love


Jessi McCall said...

you're right, women do have a tenderness about them. It's undeniable. I'm am grateful to be the one that adds the 'fluff!' ;)

Tara said...

I will always be grateful to you for being my VT companion in Vegas. I miss those days and treasure our friendship! Thanks for sharing

Valerie said...

I just found your blog searching for visiting teaching stuff and I'm so glad I did. I've only had time to read a few posts, but I enjoyed your messages and will be back for a longer visit here when I have time.