Friday, January 29, 2010

Flashback Friday! Back Logged Birthdays!

January is a busy month in our family! I have two children that celebrate their birthdays during the month, one sister, a sister in-law,and several friends! I guess they are all the equivalent of a possible tax return baby gone late! Just kidding, each of my children are treasured members of our family, and we would never think about the possible financial gain from producing offspring, NEVER!

Here is a little flashback of my January babies!

January 9th Lexi turned 11, holy smokes! Can I just say that living with a hormonal preteen is way too much competition for this high maintenance Mama, I am the only one in this house that is allowed to be hormonal! Oh wait, this is supposed to be about the good qualities, OK back on track!

Alexis was my little angel that saved me from myself and my brain dead stage of 17-20! From the moment she was born I knew that all my decisions needed to be made in her best interest and not my own!

After I separated from the "donor" just 10 days after she was born I only looked forward! I started school and focused on taking care of her. I didn't date or expose her to any lame guys for the next three years, I just figured if I was to marry again that my Heavenly Father would take care of it. He did, and boy were Lexi (3 at the time) and I super excited!

The years have swept by much faster than anticipated and she is just a few short years from driving, dating and then graduating! In the process however she is an amazing daughter, sister, cousin and friend! Lexi works hard in school, loves to read, ride her bike and talk (this could be from genetics but we are working to discover the source). I love her and I am proud of her! Go Lexi Go Lexi, shake your booty, Go Lexi, it's your birthday!

To celebrate this year we were actually in Utah for my cousin Rachel's wedding (which was on Lexi's birthday)! It was a great day we ordered room service for breakfast, got ready and then spent the entire day with family for the wedding. We ate lunch at a great Mexican place in downtown SLC and the best part of the entire day was when we were at the wedding dinner my sweet and amazing cousin Rachel stood and announced to the entire room that it was Lexi's birthday and had everyone sing to her! It made Lexi so happy, it was the most generous thing that Rachel could have ever done for her! Lexi was so surprised by it that she had to cry (remember hormonal), which then made all the rest of us cry! It really was a special day!

Then there is my James, how do I describe the boy that stole my heart from the moment he was placed in my arms? He was born on a fantastic day, January 24th, my sister Janna's birthday! I remember it was early in the morning, he was calm when they handed him to me, he looked up at me with those sweet eyes, and that was it for me, I was all his!

He is ALL boy, through and through, no question! He loves to jump, kick, punch, shoot, tackle, play with cars, and then when he is done he will come give his mama the nicest hug! He throws his head back when he laughs and gives his sisters a stern yelling at if they step out of line. James is silly, loves to be tickled and rides on the "big kid" swing, yelling "Dog! Dog!", meaning he wants an "Underdog"! (it's when you push your child in the swing and go underneath them). I am proud to be him mama!

This year for his birthday it was small and quiet with some cake and the usual Birthday anthem. This year I made cake pops for his cake and they were quite yummy! He is a good boy and I love watching him grow!

But don't mess with James cause I think he is gonna run this town someday!!

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Janelle Ehat said...

Marilyn, you are the sweetest Mom in the universe! This was such a great heartfelt post and I loved it!!