Saturday, January 16, 2010

Garth Abbott! A Great Cause, an even Better Man!!

In recent weeks a long time friend of my family, Garth Abbott was diagnosed with an aggressive type of Cancer. Due to the fact that he is self employed and some other health reasons he does NOT have insurance! You can only imagine the cost of treatment to be extremely high! Well his daughter-in-law set up a blog with an auction, where all the money raised will go to helping the Abbotts pay for his treatments! There are some amazing things on the auction and I have added two items to help, I am donating a custom made baby blanket and an apron (items #61 & #62) so if you were by chance wanting to help, look through the many items and see if there is something that sparks your fancy. If you don't wish to bid on any of the items but still wish to help there is a paypal account set up also for money donations.

I have known Garth and the Abbotts since we moved down the street from them when I was 9! My Dad worked with Garth for years and I went to school with several of their children. He served as Bishop of one of the singles wards in Vegas and he is perhaps one of the happiest people I have ever known! He has given so much to his community, the church, his family and his friends through his service. If you are unable to donate to his cause perhaps you will keep he and his family in your thoughts and prayers, that would be wonderful also.

All My Love

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