Saturday, January 16, 2010

Ketchup!! Just try not to get any on you!

It has been so long since I posted that I don't even look at my blog anymore! :) Now that the holidays are over and I am home again, I am hoping to have a little more time to chat about the daily nonsense, that is my life!!

We spent 3 weeks in Vegas and boy was it crazy, busy, awesome! We flew into Vegas on Wed. the 16th (the kids and I) and we drove to California on Thursday the 17th! First thing we did when we arrived was visit Jack & Ashley's new home (dummy me didn't take pictures), they had just moved in the week before so they were very excited to give us a tour! It is a pretty little house with a great backyard, the kids had a great time breaking it in! After visiting for little bit we headed to dinner and then to the hotel, this is where the best part happened!! As we were driving onto the freeway we were immediately passed by a speeding truck that was weaving in and out of traffic with 25 plus police cars right behind it!!! We were right in the middle of a HIGH SPEED CHASE!! It was so exciting, exhilarating really! When we got to the hotel everyone watched the chase continue, live on TV! It ended in San Diego when the guy drove himself up to the police station! Only in California!!

We spent Friday in Disneyland with 18 of us;

The Whole Dang Family (except Jimmy)

Mom & Dad Holler
Dave, Janna & Ethan (drove from Arizona)
Chet, Lys, Amy, Carli, Carson & Atlee (flew in from Texas)
Marylin, Alexis, Grace & James (flew in from Colorado)
Jack & Ashley (live in California)
Emily (drove from St. George)

It was a beautiful day, the weather could not have been nicer and while it was nuts at times keeping track of EVERYONE, a blast was had by all, yes, that includes you, Chet & Emily!
We rode on lots of things and even went to the "Build A Bear" for boys. Since Carson's Birthday was coming up we hit this great shop that lets you pick out your own car body and then build it to your desired specifications, tires, rims, details, remote control, decals, the works! James and Alexis both built one but Grace was happy with her prized Tinker Bell doll and was pleased just to observe! We ate tons of food and spent many hours walking the Land that is Disney! My niece Amy was chosen for the Jedi training, and she was so fun to watch, another highlight was listening to the 80's band, rock out for a couple hours in tight black pleather and bad wigs! Surprisingly I am not even kidding about that, I spent some good time watching James and Lexi dance to the music while Grace slept in the stroller.

Saturday we checked out of our Hotel and headed to our favorite Breakfast spot (can't remember the name) , once again it did not disappoint! This time we added a few more to the mix with my SIL's mother and sister, I am sure they were loving sitting at the enormous table with all of us! After breakfast we said goodbye to Jack and Ashley as they had to get to work, but the rest of us headed to the beach. We let the kids play at the waters edge, running towards and then away from the waves, it really was another beautiful day in California! After some time in the sand we walked down the pier for some ice cream at Ruby's , mmm how I love that stuff!!

Then it was time to pack up and head back to Las Vegas, I was really bummed that Jimmy was not able to join us, I am hoping that we will be able to return again soon as a Kelley clan!

It really was a GREAT family vacation! I know that family and vacation don't always mix, but since all 5 original "Holler" kids are living in different states, getting us all together is rare! As an adult I can honestly say that they are some of my most favorite people in the world! Love you guys and miss you! Now mind you, this was just the couple days spent in California there is still much to come about the time spent in Vegas!!

All My Love

For those interested I caught the VERY tail end of the chase on video!


Jessi McCall said...

nice post! Looks like fun. I want to get to Disneyland sometime this year. As always, I loved all the pics. ;)

Rob and Michelle said...

Great minds think alike...seriously I have been meaning to do the exact "ketchup" post since this past September because I got so behind in the summer, and then I lost most of my pictures and got too depressed to write about any of it!

Rachel B. said...

Ahhh, so jealous of Disneyland! Glad you had a good trip, gladder :) you're back.

Hen Jen said...

looks like a ton of fun! Welcome to my backyard- I live in Orange County...