Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Shameless Plug! And a little bit of Chet!!

So since I still have no access to all our Christmas/family pictures and now I can't seem to get this darn computer to read my other memory cards you are all stuck with words and any pictures that I can find already on my Mom's computer!!

For the last few months Jimmy has been devoting much of his spare time building a new website for his new side business. It is an insurance website, you can go there to get FREE quotes on lots of different types of insurance! All you do is select which type or types you are interested in, fill out the form and then receive and email with the free quotes. You won't get any calls or contact other than the email. A friend at Jimmy's work did it and it ended up being like $800 bucks cheaper a year so he switched. It also offers free information and advice on how to choose the best insurance or different types of insurance. We are trying to get as many people as possible to visit the website and fill out the forms because it helps boost the site on Google, and the higher it is ranked the better it will do. Since we have been without insurance we are trying to use this website to help us in getting either private insurance or having the extra money to put aside for fun things like trips to the Dentist and Pediatrician :), You know us Kelley's are always getting to the fun things, don't hate. Anyway any visits to the site or forms filled out are appreciated more than words can say, really!! I will leave a link here or you can visit to check it out!! Again, thanks in advance! Love to you

My "awesome" BIL Chet photo bombing a picture of the kids at Disneyland!!

The kids getting Chet back for photo bombing them and winning!!!! :)

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