Friday, July 31, 2009

Flash Back Friday! " A Rose By Any Other Name Would Smell As Sweet"

Today as I sorted through the last piles left to organize in my room I came across a few things that had been my Grandma Novakovich's, it has been more than 11 years since her passing and being in Colorado makes me feel closer to her. She and my Grandpa raised my Mom here spending their years in a home in Wheatridge, CO, my Mom is the youngest (and most spoiled :P) of five kids and there is a large span between she and her older siblings.

Anyway, that gives a bit of background, My Grandma was a vivacious and spunky little women, she was a teacher all her life, if it wasn't in the classroom it was in her home or garden. The latter being her favorite, she loved her oodles of rose bushes, pruning them, talking to them, watering them, weeding the area around them to keep them healthy and beautiful! One of my fondest memories is when we would pull up to her house she would be standing out front in her "house dress" working on her roses. As kids we often played "Florist" pretending to sell the flowers to each other, I loved the way they smelled and the variety in colors. Grandma won awards for her roses and they had even been written about in the local paper, she was proud of that and would often show me the clippings she had saved.

After she passed away her home was sold, I remember being especially sad knowing that I would never get to bring my kids there to play in the fort we had built amongst the tall Pine trees, or to run along the clothes wires that hung along the side of the red brick house, or smell her roses. However, shortly after we moved here I took them to drive by it and see what the new owners had been doing with it, I had been warned that it looked very different, but seeing it in person hurt a little. The roses are all gone and the house itself is barely recognizable with the new "addition", if you can call it that. The one thing I can take solace in, is knowing that the Roses in Heaven are the best around. Love you Grandma



Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Child Abuse!!

Since moving in and going through what feels like hundreds of boxes, I have come across all sorts of things and today, I came across a picture that proves that I was abused as a child!! I mean no wonder I have so many issues, this explains so much!!

My Mom never claimed to be the best at coming up with cute hairdos but this is just plain mean!! And what the crap was wrong with the photographer, didn't they think that maybe my eyes were an important part of the picture!! It's not enough that my teeth are crooked (I HATED THEM GROWING UP) and I was always trying not to show them but now my only good feature, my eyes, are hidden!! I swear I need counseling, Again!! :) LOL Mom, stop laughing, this is serious!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

James Is 18 Months!

My little man is growing up! Today he is 18 months old, I was so busy working on the house that I didn't notice the date until tonight so I pulled out the camera to take a couple impromptu pictures of James! He is a sweet boy and his smile still melts me every time, he loves to laugh although at times it seems like he is trying to hold it in and he gets very serious! James loves people and is very friendly when we are out and about or at church. Here are some of the latest stats

14 Teeth with more coming
Loves the Nursery at Church!
Bed time is 7:30pm
Wakes up 8:00 am
Loves to sing and dance
Loves to play Ball (any kind)
Loves to follow his sisters around
Wants to wear everyones shoes but his
Thinks he is very funny (he is)
Is a Mama's boy
But can't wait till Daddy comes home!
Very easy going!
Loves to Go in the Car
Wears 12-18 month clothing

Baa Baa (when he sees a sheep)
Oh Wow!
Dog Dog
Moo (when he sees a cow)
Makes Great Car/truck sounds


Nods & Shakes his head for just about every question

I love being his Mom and I love watching him learn new things and I love that he is part of our family!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Dreaded Deadly Sippy Cup

Probably one of my least favorite things is when I come across a sippy cup forgotten! You Mom's know the kind, the ones that have been left under a bed, or slipped behind a couch, or in the back of the car. The ones that when you shake them just a little the sound of sloshing nastiness is only the beginning because you know when you open that lid the smell will just wipe you off your feet!

(Some give tutorials on quilting/wood working/painting/ hair doing, Me I do them on cleaning a sippy cup!!! Where else will you get this good kind of information?? Huh? You blogging Mama?)

Then you have two choices, throw the disgusting thing away or clean it! I usually clean it, but only because they cost an arm and a leg to replace them at the rate I would need to at our house! I have two sippy cup users, Grace being the most prolific, she has an addiction to Carnation Instant Breakfast like her Mom has an addiction to Frosted Mini Wheats!! I have developed a method to the cleaning of the said sippy cup, first I hold my breath and open the lid with the hot water running and garbage disposal on, this way as soon as the curdled milk/juice is exposed I quickly fill the cup with the Hottest water possible and dump it down the sink. Then I rinse it a couple times before adding liquid soap and filling it again with Hot water, then it will sit in the sink for a little while in this condition before it enters the dishwasher! If the smell still lingers after one or two rounds in the dishwasher I let it go with the trash man on Thursday morning to sippy cup heaven!!

No one tells you about this part of parenting, it's like a secret that everyone is afraid to mention, worried that if it gets out their could be a second thought on parenting all together! It's up there with the playing of feces in the crib or the cleaning of throw-up or pee stained sheets at 2 O'clock in the morning!! These are the things you don't think about as you shop for the cute little baby clothes and bedding, it feels like you will have this cute little doll to dress up and then when you want to go on a date with your husband or take a bath alone you can just set the said "baby doll" down for a long nap and go about your business!

Yesterday while working in the girls room I found 6 of these sippy cups and as I type they are waiting their turn to be disinfected and made new again. So as some might have the sweet smell of brownies or homemade bread in their kitchens, I have something stuck between milk and cheese waiting for me!! Off I go!

Love to You

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sunday Scripture! Forgive Me

I know it has been too long since I last my Sunday post but let me start fresh instead of playing catch up K.

1 Nephi 3:7

And it came to pass that I, Nephi, said unto my father: I will go and do the things which theLord hath commanded, for I know that the Lord giveth no commandments unto the children of men, save he shall prepare a way for them that they may accomplish the thing which he commandeth them.

Today as we attended our new Ward for the 2nd time I must say that it was a reminder that we are where we are "supposed" to be. The Lord has brought our family here, yes with some pushing, OK, dragging a bit at times, but we are in the place we are meant to be, and I think that's what has made this an easier transition. This time in my life reminds me of Nephi and how he was told to do things that were not easy and yet he was willing to obey the Lord, no matter what. I feel that I have made every attempt to be open to what the Lord has planned for me and for our family. I am grateful for the lessons we have been taught and are being taught, it has been very trying and I have had low points but when I am able to remember that the Lord has His hand in All things it makes it easier to go through the hard things. I work everyday to do as the Lord would have me, I know he loves me and he has a plan for me, if I were to fight His will then I would be missing out on blessings that He has in store. I feel blessed to be in a fantastic new ward, to be in a great neighborhood, in a nice home, with my family around me. What else could a girl ask for? OK, well I asked for chocolate chip cookies and I even got that!! Did I say that I LOVE my new ward!!??

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I'm An Addict....but I am NOT going to REHAB!!

My addiction began very young, before I was old enough to know much about addictions. It took hold of me and I have been living with this privately for many years, until now! My family knows of course, it's hard to hide it from those you live with, they seem to deal well with it and will even partake in the ritual with me on occasion! It calls me all times of the day, morning, noon and night, I rarely resist, I have very little will power when it comes to this particular substance. When I was younger there were many varieties that I would dabble in but about 11 years ago, I honed in on one type and have stayed loyal to it since. What is this addiction that has such a tight hold on a women with three kids and a husband depending on her?

Yes, it's true! I am ashamed, OK, well not that ashamed, maybe just a little bit!

My family (everyone) often comment that I am alive because of the invention of Cereal, it has been a staple in my diet for as long as I have been eating! There is something about the crunch and milk and sweetness that just calls my name "Maryliiiinnn, Maryliiiinnn!" I wake up craving it in the morning, and for the most part, I eat the same kind day after day after day, sometimes multiple times a day! In fact I don't think I ate much of anything else the four years I was in High School! The Frosted Mini Wheats started while I was pregnant with Lexi and I have devoured it since, any kind really, and I try to keep different flavors on hand so I have a choice. In fact, as of two days ago I had 6 boxes of Frosted Mini Wheats in my pantry, now to be fair, James and Grace also enjoy them and will often eat them for breakfast as well. Jimmy will partake once in a while but mostly he just lets me eat my self silly with the delicious little buggers! I mean how can you go wrong with a meal that lends itself as a main course, for breakfast, lunch or dinner, not to mention a snack for the hours in between!

I suppose the last week as we have been "camping" in our house hasn't been soo bad for me because, well, my favorite food is more acceptable to eat three times a day if needs be! What? Don't judge me! :)

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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Getting Creative!!

So we have been in our new place a week now and I LOVE it! What I don't love is having no chairs, tables, couches, beds, phones, Internet (until today), T.V., toys, kitchen supplies, washer/dryer, EVERYTHING you need to run a house! The story is that we rented a P.O.D back in April to store our stuff in and be shipped to Colorado and wait here for us to find a place, well for some reason we don't know, they never sent our P.O.D to Colorado so when we called to have it delivered they were like "Oh it's still in Las Vegas, and the soonest it can be to your new address is July 14th." Of course it's still in Las Vegas, cause who the heck likes things to go smoothly?!? Not us, nope! So then we debated on moving in last week when we had nothing to move in, but a few hours later and a reminder why living with your in-laws can be a challenge I made the executive decision to try camping for a bit in the new house!! Jimmy was wise to agree and so with a trip or 4 to the store to buy things that can be cooked in the microwave, in a bowl with milk, or don't need cooking at all, along with plastic spoons, paper-towels, a hand-vac, a can opener, toilet paper, paper plates, bug spray (I hate spiders and there are many in this land called Colorado, or Spiderland as I refer to it), and the few essentials we would need to survive!

Now ask yourself what do you do with three kids in an empty house for two weeks? We don't have crayons, pencils, markers cause that would just be an open invitation to color on walls, doors, people! The kids and I have gotten creative with our time, we do have a portable DVD player that they have used to watch a few (wink wink) movies, we have two hula-hoops, and a mini-football. I spent the first few days hanging up clothes on hangers that we have and trying to make some sense of things. We have spent time at the park near our house, driving around trying to find near-by grocery stores/gas stations/places to eat. We even made a trip to Goodwill and found a couple toys for James, Grace found a treasure or two and Lexi decided there weren't any books that looked good and she "wants to find a library!" I have gotten some work done on editing the pictures that I owe to several families, again thanks for your patience! I mostly maintain them and me until 4:30 when I know Jimmy will be getting off work and on his way home and then we go on walks around the neighborhood and I have someone to talk to that doesn't whine at me or need his diaper changed!

Don't worry she will thank me for getting this picture later!

We have picnics for every meal, and the kids don't seem to mind although keeping a 17 month old boy sitting without the help of a highchair has it's challenges! The girls have made friends with a little girl across the street and her parents found out that we "didn't even have a TV" so they sent over an extra one that they had and said we could use it until ours come!

Speaking of which, Jimmy and his brother Danny are driving this way, as I type, in a U-HAUL truck with a small portion of what was still in Vegas, including my DYSON!! Oh to hear the lovely sound of it's motor and never ending suction will be like the voice of a long lost friend!! Never as a child could I have anticipated loving a vacuum so much, and yet, I do!

Life is good for the Kelley's, we are rebounding quite nicely here in this new City. I have a couple friends, all of whom I knew before moving here and one happens to be in our new Ward!! That was wonderful having at least one familiar face on my first Sunday, she is also Lexi's Activity Day Leader, awesome! They have 3 nursery's and James has managed to find an open spot and joined right in, shh don't tell anyone that he is really two weeks from being old enough! Grace must have also felt right at home on Sunday because she threw a great tantrum during Sacrament meeting, even flopping around under the bench seat!

I want all of you to know that we are safe and sound here in Brighton, CO and not to worry cause they have a Target and a Wal-Mart nearby so I will be OK! My children are a reminder though that we have been City folk since their birth because we drove past one of the many farms near our home and Lexi was like "Oh MY GOSH, what are those tractors doing with all that Hay?" or "OH MY GOSH MOM, there is a horse trailer with horses in it, in the Wal-Mart parking lot!"

Grace has kept us laughing in all this, as always, and I have to share just one silly thing she said the other day. She and I were listening to my IPOD touch and she noticed there was a picture of the girls singing the song on the IPOD and she says

"Mom, I have a GREAT Idea! You could be a singer like these girls and be a super-star and make lots of money and get all the money and then Daddy will really love you!"
Me " Well, that is a great idea Grace, but I dunno if I could be a super-star."
Grace "Well, here Mom, let me hear you sing!"
I love that I felt like I was auditioning for American Idol or something for my 5 year old! Maybe she meant this kind of Superstar!

Oh wait, OK one more story, I just can't help myself!
The second day we were in Colorado Grace lost her first tooth (without it being knocked out), she got 5 one dollar bills from the tooth fairy and the next morning she came down stairs and says to Grammy Kelley "Here, Grammy (hands her a dollar), go get yourself a new couch, this one hurts my hips!" Oh Grace, really, your hips?! LOL

Love to you


Saturday, July 4, 2009

Independence Day!!

Today there is twice the meaning to the phrase "Independence Day", we spent our first night in our new home last night, granted we are on the floor and all our stuff is still stuck in Vegas, but nevertheless we are in our OWN space!! I will tell the long story why another day, but today I am so grateful for our home, and also our home as in the Country we live in! Thanks to those who fight for our freedoms including my family members who have served or are still serving! Without them July 4th would just be another day on the calender!!

Oh and we have no Internet until next Friday so I will miss you all lots until I return (using my bro-in-laws computer) Love to you

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Big Strong Man, HA!!!

I must say that I got permission to tell the following story and it is in fact based on true events!!

A few nights back Jimmy and I were on a long walk on a trail that meanders through tall brush and open space behind his parents house. The sun was setting as we turned around to head back and it was a little harder to see, well I noticed something moving ahead so I said "Honey, do you see that, look, look?!" well before he even took the time to see what it was he took his position directly BEHIND me, holding my arm as if I was there to protect HIM?!?! I just belly laughed uncontrollably, I then said "Honey, look, its a deer!!" Then this sweet little Bambi face came out from the brush and walked across the path, Jimmy again retreated behind me and I just laughed more! Silly man! How is a 6 FOOT 4 200 plus pound man gonna hide behind ME!!?? Once the "Danger" had passed we laughed the rest of the way home! I was reminded that night of why I married such a BIG STRONG MAN!! :)