Thursday, September 11, 2008

Will You Forget?

Will you forget where you were when you first heard or saw what was happening on September 11 2001? I will not forget, I remember it as if it were yesterday, my Aunt Annetta called my Mom early in the morning (they were an hour ahead) to tell us to turn on the television. We sat there watching as they showed over and over the first plane hitting the first tower, and then watching as it happened the second plane flying into the second tower. I remember the moment that they began to realize it was not an accident, but an intentional act. I was shocked, stunned, sad, angry all the emotions that I know thousands of others were feeling at the same time. I remember I had to go to work and the drive over there I turned on the radio so I wouldn't miss any new information that was being released, the streets were empty and quiet. When I got to work, it was the same way, people had cancelled their appointments so after just a little while I went home. I remember spending the entire day just watching the T.V with my Mom. It felt unreal, how could someone HATE so much to do that, to kill innocent men, women, children in such a cowardly way? I won't ever forget the images in the papers and on the news.

I also remember how we all became AMERICANS, not anything but. We were kinder and more considerate to each other. There was a sense of Pride that vibrated from every flag flown, every Anthem sung. People stood anytime a Firefighter, Police Officer or member of our Military would enter a room, the strength we had as a nation was palpable. I felt more connected to my neighbors, my family and my Heavenly Father. I remember the way things felt for the weeks and months that followed and hoped that it wouldn't end.

The question is have we become lax again? Have we begun to act as if September 11th is no longer September 11th? Do we, do I, show the same respect to my country that I did after that awful day? Let's not forget the 2,999 lives that were lost or the families that were torn apart, say a prayer on their behalf or send a kind thought. Let us remember them!

Where were you?

These were taken at the Sept. 11 Memorial that they put up in Las Vegas. These were actually taken 2 years ago since we were not able to go last year. They put a flag up for EVERY person that lost their lives that day.


Melissa Everett said...

I will never forget where I was! Tony and I had been married for a year. Trace was 6 months old. Tony was in bed sleeping. I was in the bathroom getting ready for work. As I got out of the shower I saw the news showing the planes going into the buildings... and I thought it was a movie! I just stood there in my towel in shock! I finished getting ready and drove to drop Trace off at grandmas listening to the radio and crying the whole way there. I worked right by the airforce base at the time... but all day all we did was listen to the radio and cry! it was a day I will NEVER forget!!! great post girly!!

Liz - Jess said...

Mason was not even two months old on 9/11. I woke up to nurse him around 5:30 am and turned on the TV. From the view of the camera the plane looked like a very small one and I did not have the sound up because I did not want Mason to fully wake up. I only saw it for a moment and my thought was "what kind of idiot would crash a plane into a building?" I turned off the TV and went back to bed. A couple hours later he woke up again and I turned on the TV again. That is when I realized what truly happened. I spent the rest of the day watching the news, crying, and wondering what kind of world I had just brought this tiny little baby into. Last year Mason and I went through all the magazines we collected at the time and I told him everything that happened. I can't believe it has already been seven years. But yes, I think our country should always behave in the way we did in the days following September 11Th.

Beverly B. said...

Here is what I rememeber about that day. I was living in my Las Vegas house. I was woken up by my mother telling me that I could no longer go to NYC(September 18th) because it was under attack and to turn on my TV. I was being so loud talking to my mom at 6am-ish that I woke up my roommate Amy who was alittle annoyed until we all realized what had happened. I remember the way I felt when the first tower collapsed and then the other. Then there was the Pentagon and then Pennsylvania. It was shock and fear of more attacks. I didn't want to go to work that day but school wasn't canceled. The kids would come up to me and tell me about it and they also drew pictures of it. Driving home that day listening to the radio I knew that life would never be the same.

Rob and Michelle said...

I was living in North Carolina watching it all live while it happened as I busied around doing morning chores. The volume on the TV was down so it took me a little bit to realize something big was going on. Within minutes of turning up the volume, the second plane was hitting the tower. It was a dreadful day. Of course you know it's my anniversary and birthday but all we could do that day was grieve and mourn strangers as the death toll was speculated. Of course we cancelled our celebratory plans and stayed glued to the television for what seemed like weeks as detail after detail unfolded. I'll never forget feeling torn because my husband had JUST gotten out of the Army and as proud as I was of him for serving...I was terrified he would go back in and go straight to war. But I was proud to be American and I did feel more of a sense of community and love and connection to my fellow man.