Sunday, September 7, 2008

And "They" Charge us an Arm & a Leg Because "They" Can!!

In the Land of Marylin the mind often thinks very random and uncontrollable thoughts. They are issues that there are never any real answers to, but they still occupy space none the less. So because you chose to read my blog today you get to think about them also!! Heee heee

Have you ever wondered why the heck a small piece of plastic with an even smaller razor attached to it costs 11.99 because it is named after a planet? Or how about a wad of cotton twisted and placed in a hollow piece of plastic or cardboard at a whopping 5.29 for 20!! Let the list continue!
Deodorant- 3.29 (or 9.99 for the Clinical stuff)
Toothpaste- 6.29 (for those of us with sensitive teeth)

Body Wash- 7.99 (so it has some swirls or pearls in it)
Contact Solution- 8.99 (for "lasting comfort")
Dental Floss- 4.29 (the stuff that "glides" well)
Sonicare Toothbrush- 111.19 and UP (Cause 3 out of 4 Dentists recommend it)
Toilet Paper- 12.99 for 12 rolls (if you don't want to use the stuff that feels like leaves!)

Body Lotion- 6.99 for 21 oz. (original scent with no reduction in cellulite or tanning capabilities)

Need I say more?! There are thousands of products out there that will cost you "an Arm & a Leg" and all because "they" the companies that produce them know that "We" the consumers NEED them. I didn't even bother to list any of the baby products out there that kill the family budget.

Yes, I know that you can save by purchasing generic, or buying in bulk or making your own (although no matter what anyone says I am NOT making my own toilet paper or toothbrush) but it is STUPID that the reason they are expensive is because "they" know "they" can and their isn't much "we" can do about it! So annoying!! OK so now that I have vented about that issue I won't have to think about it until the next trip to the grocery store!!


Melissa Everett said...

ok... I am so with you! Were you inside my head this weekend? Cause I swear that I was thinking those exact words!! I was so excited that the deodrant companies have come out with the clinical strength.. because i can sweat! So on Saturday when I was at the grocery store I looked at all the new selections... and then about fell on the floor! ... 9.99 - 12.99 for a very very very small deodrant, but it is clinical strength... so in order for me not to have sweaty pits I have to pay the extra 7.00.... UGGG!!

The Bush Family said...

I am also with you! My biggest pet peeve is when you buy liquid laundry detergent and you pour into the little measuring cup and then dump that into your washing machine only to see that about HALF made it into the wash and the other half is stuck to the sides of the cup! So ANNOYING!

Kasey Eyre said...

I just went grocery shopping today and I felt the same way! I pondered making my own baby food as I loaded up my cart, but decided against it since I'd have to buy more fruit and veggies to make it. By the way....if you want GOOD deoderant for CHEAP, ask you doctor for a perscription! And arent ice cream carton a little smaller than they used to be?