Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Few Missing Details!

We have had a busy few months and there were many fun things we did that just didn't make it to the blog. While I don't have time to blog about each by itself they did deserve an honorable mention! We had several visits from friends and family, a few weddings, trips to Mt. Charleston, baby blessings, ward parties and just silly days at home.

* My friend Mesa came to Vegas and I was able to go to dinner with her and Brittany.
girls night out!!

*My sister Emily got a new dog, Piper and the girls love her.
*Grace & Lexi used their towels to play like they were royalty and got James in on the fun too.
*My amazing friend Emylee got married and we are so excited for them!
*Jimmy & I were in charge of our Ward party, we had a BBQ at Mt. Charleston
*Baby blessing for Kaylee May
*Grace fell asleep after getting in trouble and looked like a caterpillar.
*Jimmy showed the girls his skills with a hula hoop!!
*Lexi & Carson showed me what vampires look like

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Liz - Jess said...

Great post to play catch up! Love the hula hoop picture!

The Bush Family said...

Ok the hula hoop picture looks a little scarey..lol..couldn't he have just done it around the waist..lol..thanks for the honorable mention, hope I can make it back in time before you head off to CO :) Love you guys!!! Miss you tons!!