Monday, January 12, 2009


So we are headed on a little trip to Texas this week which means I will spend the next few evenings packing and getting ready to leave so I thought I would post to give another reminder about my Give Away on my Craft Blog! Quick rules

1. Leave a Comment on my Craft blog = 1 Entry
2. Leave a Comment, post about it on your blog = 3 Entries
3. Leave a Comment, add craft link to your blog roll = 4 Entries
4. Leave Comment, post about, add link= 6 Entries

***Make sure to leave your name and the City you live in!!

Oh and the Prize, well that will be up to you, either a one of kind Apron or a blanket!

And just cause I felt it was fitting here is a nice old picture of my sisters and I love that Alyssa is wearing the Cowboy hat and she is now living in Texas!! Haa haa so funny! And I just can't post without a picture!


Liz - Jess said...

Love the dresses! haha... :-0

Kasey Eyre said...

Hope you have a fun trip!

Jason and Page said...

Need to call you soon with your fun new PTA assignment... aren't you curious now??

Heather & Greg said...

Let me know when you get back and we will hit up Joanns. I'm so excited! Maybe I'll have you do two. Have a blast on your trip, and I'll talk to you soon!