Friday, January 9, 2009

Happy Birthday!

My Lexi is 10 today!! Holy cow time flies! I will post once the festivities are over but I just had to get a little picture of my girl!


The Bush Family said...

Happy Birthday sweet Lexi!!! :) Oh my gosh..she's a whole decade old! That means Elissa will be a whole decade old! Wow..where did the time go? Thanks for your comment and for always being there for me :)

Love you!!

Oh and Mark is sending me to Vegas at the end of February to pick up the

K.C. and Ipuna said...

Kobi told me for 2 days "That sucks, I did not get invited to Lexi's birthday party." He must love him some Lexi! :) Happy Birthday smart girl!

I'm so glad you are going to the coupon class. It's fantastic!