Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I Just Had To!

For anyone that knows me or has read my blog at all they know that I LOVE old pictures! I am all about nostalgia, I love where old photos take me, a little journey to some of the most amazing times growing up! Recently (last few months) I have been blessed to reconnect with some very old friends (they aren't old aged, just how long we have known each other) some of them I haven't seen or spoken to since I was 6 but I still consider them to be friends cause they knew me at my purest!! So I found some old pictures with a few of these awesome ladies and I just had to post.

Oh Jamie the good old days in Sunshine Generation!
Oh and no hating on the costumes they were required in order to be a SUNNY GENERATION! :)

Somehow Shauni I am thinking you are still spicy!! :)


Jamie and Kiley said...

That is too funny! I totally remember the good 'ol Sunshine Generation years. Those outfits were pretty hideous. Especially the bloomers under the dresses! What fun we had! Thanks for the trip down memory lane. It has been so much fun to reconnect with you after so many years!

Beverly B. said...

I love it when you post old pictures!

Jeremy and Shauni said...

You are TOO funny! I love those pictures! And it's funny that you posted that one of us on the wood pile. Ever since we got back in touch, I keep thinking about those pictures. I think we were chopping firewood and I just remember having so much fun that day. Good times! And I probably have several of my own lovely Sunshine Generation pictures I could add to the collection! :)