Thursday, January 8, 2009


This blog has been in my head for quite sometime now but I had been waiting for a good time to do it and so today is the day! As many of my friends were getting all worked up over some book with an apple on the cover I was sewing. As they were going to midnight showings of a movie based on the book with the apple on it I was sewing. While they were spending an evening a week watching a show about "Dreamy" and "Steamy" Doctors I was sewing or maybe watching John and Kate Plus 8. You get the gist, I am not so much on most "Bandwagons", not necessarily because I didn't want to be on them but most of the time I have missed them! The whole Twilight MANIA made me start thinking about all the Bandwagons I have missed over the years vs. the ones I might have hitched a ride on.

I know that many many many of you have read the twilight series multiple times (which I must say seems a bit excessive, but it's your time) and I remember a while ago my Mom and sisters were talking about these books with vampires and I was a bit skeptical. I have yet to read them, but in full disclosure I have read the first 10 pages of the first book. I think it has actually come to a point where I just have no interest in reading them, but perhaps in a few years I will.

Now it is not just this bandwagon that I have missed, but I would say the majority of what the "cool kids" are doing I tend to skip out on, either by choice or just being clueless. There have been some though that I have been the driver of, like I totally had the charm bracelets and necklaces that were popular in the 80's or Rainbow Bright, jelly shoes, heat sensitive clothing that changes colors, cuffed jeans, side pony tails, hammer pants, all that! I had them, wore them and shared them with my friends! On the other hand I think by the time I was 16 I was truly living by the beat of a different drummer. I never watched an episode of Friends until it was in syndication, same with Dawson's Creek. I only recently have listened to music by the New Kids On the Block. The only time I remember watching 90210 was with my older sister Janna and her friends as they would make fun of it and actually they even wrote a poem about it just to bag on it. I have seen the Harry Potter movies but never opened the cover on the books. I have never been into Brad Pitt, George Clooney or Tom Cruise, they are all too short for me, I prefer the ones with southern accents!! :) I don't have anything against those that jump on, drag behind, guide, or blindly follow these trends and movements, in fact I wish I was more "with it" to be a part. No doubt there are some that I am a part of now, hhmmm Blogging/facebook! I love the social aspect and being in touch with my friends and family when I am awake at midnight!

So enjoy the pics I found of some of the most popular trends in recent times and those from a few years back! So are you a trend/bandwagon kind of person, are you behind in the times, are you aware that there are" times"!?!?! I would love to hear about the ones you have been on or maybe still are!! Remind me of some that I forgot or never knew about!!

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Liz - Jess said...

Hmmm, I would have to say that the bandwagon I stear clear of would be reality TV shows. Absolutely hate them! Get left out all the time because I can hardly stomach them. But enough of that. :-)

I jumped on full force with Twilight though, before there even was a bandwagon and have LOVED every moment of it! I guess you can say I had no hesitations because I am a nerd and like sci-fi. We all have our quirks!

The Bush Family said...

I'm a bandwagon junky unless its expensive ipod touch, iphones, super expensive purses, things of that nature, I suppose if I had the money though I'd buy them all..hahaha..And yea yea I LOVE TWILIGHT, can't get enough of EDWARD CULLEN, I know you don't see it, but man...ok enough I'm done. What about Friendship Bracelets? Did you even make those? Thats the only crafty thing I'm good at..lmao!! Love ya!! You have been tagged on my blog by the way because YOU ARE A FOLLOWER hehehehehe :)

The Bush Family said...

I meant say ever* not the flu is invading my brain..along with everything else..

Jill said...

I read the twilight series precisely because I always seemed to miss beat. I was pretty uninterested, but she sucks you in. Sometimes I loved it for it's high school love nostalgia, sometimes I hated it for it self-centered drama rediculousness. But the best part was being able to learn more about friends as we discussed what they liked and didn't like and how it resonates with them.
And blogging. What can I say. I love to blog and for the same reason. It is a window into peoples lives that I love but could never keep up with another way.
Other than that, yeah count me out. We don't have cable, I don't know anything about shoes and purses, and while I appreciatiate and love to see how people express themselves through their crafts, It's just not my thing. But I welcome the new sewing trend with open arms as it is a useful skill and I can learn from my friends.

Beverly B. said...

Me too! We are so much alike. I have jumped on some but I've stayed clear of the same one's that you mentioned.

Kasey Eyre said...

I don't think I'm a big follower but if someone talks about something they liked then I might see what it's all about. I read Twlight but I like Jacob WAY better than Edward and I have to say I was not a big fan of Bella either and I thought the Harry Potter books were so much better than the Twilight ones (I do have ONE friend who agrees with me on all of this.) But I like what I like because I like it, not because everyone else says it's cool. And I am not afraid to admit I love the show The Hills (a spin off of Laguna Beach) and now The City (a spin off of the Hills), but have not seen an episode of John and Kate for a while....I lost interest there. I need to call you, I keep wanting to chat!

Jeremy and Shauni said...

Keep reading!!! You can't stop at page 10--just keep going, and you'll soon get hooked and realize what all the hype is about! :)

Sarah said...

I'm not too big on BandWagons either. That being said, I do own an iphone, ipod and read the Twilight books. So, I guess I'm kind of in the "here and now crowd."