Friday, January 9, 2009

Flash Back Friday! My BABY IS Growing up....But here comes the "in house" Babysitter!

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Lexi is 10 today!! What the heck! Who let that happen? I'll beat em down! Ten years has just gone by much faster than I thought possible! It feels like it was just yesterday that this little head of dark hair put me into 13 hours of labor, 2 of which were spent pushing! Lexi was the end and the beginning for me, she ended my days as a young, selfish, do whatever the crap I wanted to life and the beginning of my life as a strong, creative, more humble, more loving, Mom. I had just turned 20 when I had her and when she was just 10 days old I was also single!

In many ways we have grown up together, not that she is grown but you know what I mean. For anyone that knows Lexi they will tell you that she is a 45 year old women packaged in a 10 year old body. She is the quintessential "Oldest Child", always in charge, the mother, the protector, the boss, all that goes along with that.

For her birthday this year we are taking a family trip to Texas so on her actual birthday we had a small party with pizza, cake and a girls night to the movies! She was allowed to take two friends and we went to see "Bedtime Stories", it was such a great movie, I loved it and so did they. That morning she chose French Toast as her birthday breakfast and since she is on track break she and I spent the afternoon just hanging out! It was the perfect day! Happy Birthday to my oldest child! On the selfish side there is only two years left until we have an in-house baby sitter!!!

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