Saturday, November 22, 2008


I am totally OUTRAGED by something I found out today! Let me give the back story first, my sister Janna recently took her son out of public school and has been teaching him from home, their story and reasons are here, well while things for Ethan have been much improved being at home, this week they found out that the Teacher whom had been teaching Ethan was fired, (she was one of the reasons they took Ethan out in the first place) she was fired for HITTING a child in her class, a KINDERGARTNER! While that in it self is outrageous the most horrific thing to me is that after the school fired her, a little known law in Arizona actually makes it legal for a teacher to hit a student, so the school was forced to rehire the teacher and she was actually put back into the same classroom!!!! This just makes me so upset I could spit!! If there are any of you that are now living in the state of Arizona I would hope that there were be a way to write letters to your state leaders asking for change in this law!

As I have discovered in my quest to get Grace in a program we as parents have to be looking out for our children and their education, we can't expect someone else to be the watchdog! WE must be involved in their classrooms and with the school as a whole! For me that has come in the form of serving on the PTA board at Lexi's school so that she can attend a better school and it allows me to know many of the teachers at her school and familiar with the administration. I will do an entire separate blog to talk about our work to get Grace into Pre-School, I guess this to me is a reminder that I can not be complacent and that I must continue to be very involved because it is important.

I am grateful that my sister and brother-in-law followed the promptings to have Ethan taken out of her class and yet sad for those that are still in it!

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John and Heather Davis said...

ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!! Way would a teacher need to ever hit a child in their classroom! And way in the world were they given the permission to do so????

HollySteffen said...

wow. thats so sad. =[

Liz - Jess said...

WHAT!?!? What country is this??? Yeah, that needs to be brought to the news or something! My sister and a friend live in Arizona. Both have kids in elementary. I will spread the word! Crazy!!

Jessi McCall said...

sweet, my apron is ready!? I'm going to give you my in-laws address because we are moving soon(hooray), so it's
1940 Arabian ct
Henderson NV

Oh, and if that mean teacher were my daughter's teacher, I think I would be unleashing some tae-bo moves on her..K!? I know two wrongs don't make a right, but sometimes it makes ya feel better! :)

Britt and Rick said...

That's absolutely crazy! I remember when I was in second grade a teacher grabbed me by the wrist and slapped me on the cheek... my parents were all over it and she was reassigned to the fifth grade.