Friday, November 14, 2008

AND THE WINNERS ARE.............

The winner of the Quilt is Jamie from Kansas City!!!! Yay I hope you will love it!

Now I ended up picking a few extras to win an Apron cause I was so excited!

The Winners of Aprons are

Jodi from Nebraska

Tanya from Texas

Jessi from Vegas


Heather from Virginia!!

The Winners were chosen by random drawing and don't worry for those that didn't win, I had so much fun doing this one that I am planning another one before Christmas so keep a look out!! Thanks for all those that entered it was fun to pull some of you out of the wood works!

Now for those that won an apron send me an Email to to tell me the colors you would like in an apron and your shipping address so I can send them to you.

Jamie send me an email just giving me your address and I will get the quilt to you soon!! :)

Oh and I almost forgot, once you receive your prize take a picture with it and then post it on your blog!!


Liz - Jess said...

Well I guess I should be a good sport... Congratulations everyone but ME! hahaha... That was fun! Can't wait to see what you do next! :-)

Tanya said...

Yeah! I won an apron! I have to tell you, I guess I have to start my own blog now too to show my picture off!
Did I mention that you rock and you have a beautiful family. Man, you are so blessed and we are all blessed to know and love you.
Take care angel,

Heather said...

I am so excited. Thanks so much for randomly picking me! My lucky day. My day has been made!

Jessi McCall said...

YAY! WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER!!! I can't wait to wear an apron, I don't even own one, but I'm excited to get a really cool one! Can I request mine be lime, black and white, or pink and brown, or red and green for Christmas, or navy blue?? I'm sure you have a better eye than me for what looks good, so whatever you like I'll like!! THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH! I'm inspired to also do a give away soon!! tis the season after all!! :)

Rachel said...

What a dumb contest! Just kidding! I'm just a sore loser. Contests are fun and I like entering them even if I don't win. Congratulations winners.

HollySteffen said...

aww man! i never win anything! and i even had a 'vote'. hahaa...

just kidding.
congrats to everyone that won! =]
enjoy your gifts