Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Dork In Me!!

I think that deep down we are all part Dork, yes, mine is a little closer to the surface than most but I tend to save it for family and close friends. Now I have small displays of dork isms everyday, you know, like going upstairs to get something and then forgetting so I go back down stairs, remember and then head back up stairs, sometimes repeating the process multiple times before finally doing or getting whatever it was. Well a few weekends ago I had an entire day of them so let me tell you a little bit about it.

Most Saturday Mornings we try to clean as a family so that then we can spend the rest of the day doing something fun, well as Jimmy was vacuuming on the upstairs landing I was carrying things up and down the stairs and on a return trip up the stairs I was almost to the top when I was going a little too fast and I tripped, I tried to catch myself before falling, which didn't work and I ended up at Jimmy's heels in a face plant, he turned around to find me on the floor laughing. I stayed there for a moment and then found my way to my feet again making an attempt to regain some dignity.

Well then later Jimmy had taken Lexi for a Daddy/Daughter date (blog about it later) and it was just Grace and I cleaning out my car (James is sleeping) I decided the outside could also use a good washing. So after soaping it all up and beginning the rinsing process I picked up the hose (with a high pressure nozzle) and pulled back on the handle only to spray myself directly in the face, yes ladies and gentlemen it was backwards in my hand. I stood there somewhat shocked and completely soaked and began to laugh, Grace looks at me and says "Are you kiddin me?" then I look up to see my mother standing there staring at me as I dripped, asking me what had happened as she handed me a towel. I dried myself off and finished the car making sure to hold the hose in the correct position. The rest of the day was filled with lost keys, smashed fingers, you name it, it was a long day of being a Dork!

Getting older has made me much better about laughing in these moments, where in my younger days I would have been so embarrassed I would have cried or hid or both. I try to roll with the punches a bit more, no pun intended. This past General Conference Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin spoke about learning to laugh. He told a story about his daughter who was going on a blind date and when a man showed up to the house they figured it was her date even though he looked a little older than anticipated, well after introducing him to the family they got into the car and just sat there and then finally the daughter got out of the car, returned inside to inform her sister that he was there to pick her up to babysit! That story brought me to a belly laugh, he said that as a family they still laugh about it as they did when it happened and that made me realize that I need to laugh at myself more and not take things so seriously. So here's to all of us that are a in touch with our "DORK"!!

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The Bush Family said...

Awww my fellow clumsy one! I don't feel so bad about myself now! LOL! Just a little story that I will blog about later, but we recently got the Wii Fit and my balance is so bad that the Game asked me if I fall off of stuff or trip alot..LOL! Miss you!!!! Love you!!!

Shannon said...

I loved that talk. I think we all have a little dork in all of us lol.

Steph said...

Isn't it funny how a little age and a little wisdom can transform us all. It sets a good example when you can laugh it off in front of your kids! So... where are we going to dinner? Does it start with an M?

Sarasue said...

Woo Yeah! Look at me I made an account. Sad not in time for your contest... :( Anywho. I love love LOVE that picture of us!!! So fun!